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1 Gioia Tauro
2 Pilone di Torre Faro
3 Capo Peloro
4 Palmi
5 Monte Sant'Elia, 579
6 Scilla
7 Pilone di Santa Trada
8 Bagnara Calabra
9 Villa San Giovanni
10 Messina
11 San Filippo
12 Aspromonte, 1955
13 Stretto di Messina
14 Reggio Calabria
15 Larderia
16 Capo dell'Armi


Location: L'Antennammare (1127 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 21-07-2008
On the top of Mount Antennammare (also written with one "m", or called Dinnammare...) there is the sanctuary of Santa Maria di Dinnammare. It can be reached by a sealed road from Portella del Rizzo, very close to the W end of the town of Messina. After the sanctuary the road becomes gravel, and keeps on for many km following the narrow ridge of the Monti Peloritani. Needless to say, this is one of the most scenic trails of the whole Mediterranean: the sea on both sides, the Etna and the Isole Eolie always in view. It is a mystery why it remains nearly unknown to tourism.


Pedrotti Alberto

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