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1 Nuoro
2 Monte Ortobene 955
3 Scala 'e Pradu 1227
4 Punta Carabidda 1321
5 Monte Incudine (Corsica) 2134
6 Punta Ortu Camminu 1331
8 Monte Nieddu 971
9 Punta Catirina 1127
10 Punta Sos Nidos 1349
11 Punta Felurargiu, 1057
12 Punta su Mutucrone 1050
13 Monte Senes 862
14 Punta Cusidore 1147
15 Monte Tuttavista 806
16 Lago del Cedrino
17 Orosei
18 Monte S' Ospile 577
19 Monte Omene 626
20 Golfo di Orosei
21 Dorgali
22 Monte Irveri 616
23 Monte Bardia 882
24 Fruncu Mannu 695
25 Monte Tului 915
26 Monte Gutturgios 689
27 EST
28 Monte Oddeu 1063
30 Monte su Nercone 1263
31 S' Azza Bianca 1130
32 Punta sa Pruna 1389
33 SUD
34 Punta Lolloine 1351
35 Monte Genziana 1505
36 Punta Sos Cuzos 1367
37 Monte Novo San Giovanni 1316
38 Punta La Marmora (Gennargentu) 1834
39 Bruncu Spinu 1829
40 Monte Spada 1595
41 Lago di Olai
42 Punta Mungianeddu 1468
44 Orgosolo
45 Monte Urtigu 1050
46 Monte Gonare 1086
48 Monte Rasu 1259


Location: Monte Corrasi (1463 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 18 giugno 2010
The Supramonte is an area of mountains and highlands located in central-eastern Sardinia, Italy. It is characterized by Karstic highlands in which the rivers dug deep ravines and canyons. It is probably the wildest part of Italy.


I apparently missed this one. Grand scenery, under-rated panorama. Cheers, Martin
2013/01/15 20:48 , Martin Kraus
Martin, I read the line which you dropped with the spirit of one who finds another one sharing the very same thoughts... Namely, I had the same experience as you, maybe only 24 hours earlier: I mean, to find such an image, opening up such a scenery, from such a viewpoint - where I could well capitalize the three "such a's"... As a result: nearly totally ignored!
As you have seen, I chose to "link" this work without rating it, in order to leave to some follower (and this was you) the possibility to experience the same finding at the very same degree of weirdness!
I think, however, that for certain regions and/or landscapes, certain "customer" misconceptions turn out to be even a honour and/or a defence...
2013/01/16 15:53 , Pedrotti Alberto
Hallo - I think the view deserves praise, but the transsitions are a little too obvious to be ignored. Therefore (so far) no rating from me. But certainly a potential "killer".
2013/01/16 16:53 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
I think that the photo had been assessed correctly, if one judges from the technical point of view.
Those who know the Supramonte, as Martin or Alberto, however, can make different assessments, because they know the beauty of the place.
I think, for example, that the Supramonte is the most beautiful area of Italy for hiking.
2013/01/16 19:07 , Giuseppe Marzulli
@Giuseppe - do you have a chance to re-do this one with your current workflow (which never shows transitions like here)? Certainly would be worth-while. Cheers, Martin
2013/01/16 19:33 , Martin Kraus
Yes, now that you raise a vignetting issue, I am forced to see... But believe me that, when I discovered the image, I was so busy trying to identify villages and roads and mountains, that I did not note the issue at all. By the way, even now it hurts me nearly zero.
Two incidental thoughts (of interest nearly zero):
1) how dramatically different is the reception of an image by those who know the subject and by those who do not;
2) how dramatically more interesting becomes life when all-knowing Udeuschle is nearly silent, like here, or silent at all - see Laguna Colorada :-), for example.
2013/01/16 20:51 , Pedrotti Alberto
On this I fully agree. For example, the same thing happens in alpen-panoramen. If one insert panos of the Dolomites (or other well-known areas) is usually well evaluated. If you put photos of little-known areas, you will be penalized. It is wrong, but understandable.
2013/01/16 21:06 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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