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Location: Locarno - Piazza Grande (300 m)      by: Alvise Bonaldo
Area: Switzerland      Date: 15.6.2009
... after having seen Robert Mitschke's panorama (# 3288), I remembered I had taken a similar one, only a few days later!!


Really interesting comparison. Robert's pano is a bit more brilliant, I shall say.
2009/07/27 20:55 , Arne Rönsch
Next time we meet for a coffee, okay?:-D If you crop your version a little bit at the bottom, the facades would become more important in the picture. But that's just a note, I like the picture and the Piazza Grand. Greets, Robert
2009/07/27 21:09 , Robert Mitschke
Travelling through the time... 
... what an interesting idea!! @ Robert: really, I was more interested in the variety of lines crossing each other on the floor of Piazza Grande.
Ciao, Alvise
2009/07/27 22:15 , Alvise Bonaldo
Alvise, I thought the paving stones symbolize former railroad tracks, do you know something about that?
2009/07/27 22:20 , Robert Mitschke
I like the lines! 
Giao Christian
2009/07/27 23:57 , Christian Hönig
Perfect stitching and a beautyfull view. Good work. Ciao Gerhard.
2009/07/30 12:31 , Gerhard Eidenberger

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