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1 Monte San Gabriele (Skabrijel), 646m
2 Monte Frigido (Mrzovec), 1407m
3 Monte San Daniele (Stanjel), 553m
4 Gran Ciglione (Veliki Rob), 1237m
6 Monte Nanos, 1313m
7 Monastero di Castagnevizza (Samostan Kostanjevica)
8 Trstelj, 643m
9 Castello di Gorizia
10 Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio
12 Cerje


Location: Oslavia (SP17)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 31 March 2018

In this pano you can see the Italian city of Gorizia and the Slovenian city of Nova Gorica.
As you can see, there is no natural boundary between the two cities. Although it was not as famous as the Berlin Wall, during the Cold War this was a critical border and there was a wall separating the two cities (Nova Gorica was part of Yugoslavia at the time).


Quando si dice di confine...
2022/12/09 01:21 , Pedrotti Alberto
Are we looking North behind the modern parts of the city ?
2022/12/09 11:49 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
From this place we can see both the new part and the old part of the city. Only that the new part is in one country and the old part in another country.
2022/12/09 15:47 , Giuseppe Marzulli
.ör. ?
taken somewhere on SP17 ?
2022/12/09 16:20 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
2022/12/09 17:59 , Giuseppe Marzulli
My first thought was it's a bit north of the Po plains - but what city ? Then you and Alberto mentionend "Confine".
2022/12/10 00:36 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
I didn't expect the Slovenian part of this town to be so NOVA
2022/12/10 23:08 , Matthias Matthey
NOVA for sure. It was built almost from scratch after the Second World War for mainly political reasons.
2022/12/11 12:12 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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