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1 Left error
2 Santa Maria delle Scale
3 Piazza della Repubblica
4 Santa Lucia
5 Santa Maria de Idria
6 Right error


Location: Chiesa delle Anime del Purgatorio (391 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 18-08-2020
This little panorama contains two major stitching errors. They are rather symmetric, and I tried to cope with them in a (so to say) artistic way...
The Betracher will be very efficient in spotting them. I am sure that even Commissario Montalbano (who, by the way, knows the place very well) would not do a better job.
Incidentally, the Betrachter could also want to determine the location.


I have a little series of panoramas, shot from this churchyard at three different times. This is the first one, taken during a photographically busy early morning.


I think it's R..a. LG Niels
2022/11/22 08:47 , Niels Müller-Warmuth
Gave up too early on first search, although I was in the right region. Now with Niels hint it is clear. Behind you is a church named by the place where people producing stitching areas will be sent. However, haven't located the points of your artistry yet, even when comaring details to Street View. Cheers, Martin
2022/11/22 08:56 , Martin Kraus
I don‘t know the place, and wouldn‘t have found without the hint.
The so called stitching problem seems to me around the church, especially behind the illuminated front seems to miss its „Kirchenschiff“ (nave).
2022/11/22 09:27 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
the Swiss Betrachter typically associates Ragusa with a delicious (Swiss) chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts. Only more recently did I learn that Ragusa is a place in Sicily and also another one in Croatia...
2022/11/22 16:28 , Augustin Werner
I know the contender Ragusa (N.14016), I miss the Swiss bar. Then there is also a contender Bar in Montenegro, not far from the contender Ragusa. And in front of Bar, in Italy you find Bari (there is also the ship Bar-Bari), which is famous because of San Nicola, who later became also Santa Claus. But San Nicola actually was not from Bari, he was rather stolen by the people of Bari, and this happened in Turkey, at Demre, so... you see that a story beginning at Anime del Purgatorio is taking us very far!
2022/11/22 16:42 , Pedrotti Alberto
Fehler bei der Positionierung oder beim Heften nicht gefunden: Ich finde, es ist ein schönes, stimmungsvolles Foto!
Grüße aus den nassen und trostlosen Niederlanden.

Errors in positioning or stitching not found: I think it's a beautiful, atmospheric photo!
Greetings from the wet and dreary Netherlands.
2022/11/22 18:33 , Arjan Veldhuis
Entertaining chain of associations :-) BR Jan.
2022/11/26 11:09 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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Pedrotti Alberto

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