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1 Blessomfjellet
2 Styggehoi
3 Nodre Brurskardknappen
4 Raslet
5 Rasletinden
6 Hogdebroted


Location: Bessheim (970 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Norway      Date: 22.07.2022
Bessheim is a mountain lodge in Sjodalen and is situated 964 metres above sea level next to Øvre Sjodalsvatnet on the mountain passage between Valdres and Gudbrandsdalen.


The beginning in the left is really wonderful. The right end at the camping-site is a bit disillusioning.
2022/11/21 21:29 , Matthias Matthey
It brings me back to the site of my N.10566...
2022/11/21 22:29 , Pedrotti Alberto
But in your pano there wasn`t a campsite
2022/11/22 19:35 , Konrad Sus

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Konrad Sus


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