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1 Guzelkatran Tepe - 2053 m
2 Baglik Dagi - 1375 m


Location: Tahtali Dagi (2365 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Turkey      Date: 09.07.0222


You can not chose the conditions for such trips but sometimes the experience itself is the best memory (instead of pictures).
2022/08/20 17:59 , Silas S
Great that you're exploring and not staying at the beach even in such an area. Cheers, Martin
2022/08/20 20:01 , Martin Kraus
Turkey and Norway ... 
... two completely different vacation destinations this year - and both presented in a very exciting way. A great impression from the backcountry, Konrad !!! In the Black Forest we call these weather conditions " bunny's cooking" ;-) ...

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2022/08/21 09:26 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
In Taurus Mountains good waether is in the morning, later clouds form in the mountains. I was there in only day with rain, during my 8 days staing.
2022/08/21 18:29 , Konrad Sus

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Konrad Sus


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