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Location: Gufufoss (120 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Iceland      Date: 2018-07-24, 08:54
With a fall of 25 meters, Gufufoss is one of the more prominent waterfalls on Iceland, but lesser known since Seyðisfjörður is a bit more off the main tourist routes. Its similarity to the famous Skógafoss is striking, and Gufufoss is affectionally called "The lost twin brother of Skógafoss". The good thing is, that things are much quieter at Gufufoss.

Pano made from 14 HF pics (RAW), 50 mm, iso-320, f/5,6, 1/500 sec, developed in DPP (daylight, neutral, moderate sharpness), stitched in PTGui pro, scaling and sharpening in Irfanview.


Den haben wir seinerzeit völlig übersehen. Dabei so schön! VG Peter
2022/04/05 20:53 , Peter Brandt
I also like the water-cascade generated by the rock bands in the background. Cheers, Martin
2022/04/08 18:55 , Martin Kraus
My best wishes belatedly for your birthday, dear Jan ... even though I love these moods very much, I wish you more sunshine than gloomy days in your new "decade of life" - stay healthy and continue to please us with your great panoramas from near and far !!!!

With warm greetings from the Black Forest to Denmark,
2022/04/10 11:02 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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