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1 Spitz di Tonezza, 1694
2 Campomolon, 1853
3 Lavarone
4 Cosa d'Agra, 1820
5 Col Santo, 2112
6 Cornetto di Folgaria, 2060
7 Becco di Filadonna, 2152


Location: Lavarone (1355 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 15-03-2022
The Drago Vaia was built with wood broken by the Vaia storm of October 2018.
In October-December there were oceanic crowds going to visit this artwork, such that on the old Kaiserjägerstrasse - Menador (an artwork on its own) I used to meet incredibile queues of cars.
Now, as you see, in a dull afternoon of Saharian mood nobody is to be found near the drake, with the exception of me, forced to a long detour through Lavarone because of the closure of the Menador, which is now being improved and modernized... at least, so they say. In which condition will we find it at the reopening, short before the stage of May 25 of the Giro d'Italia, which is due to climb the Menador and to end up in Lavarone??
So, to reach Luserna, I had to cross a sequence of white stripes of artificial snow meandering through dry meadows. In Luserna I played the funeral of 87-year old Fridel, thinking of how many times, while drinking a glass together, he recounted about his many jobs. When, in snow and harsh cold, he worked at the building of the Grande Dixence, in Switzerland. But also when, as a child, sinking in the deep snow of "those winter mornings of old years", he walked up to the church of Luserna to attend his very first job, namely, to ring the church bell...
A scene which is so hard to imagine in the current landscape!


Bewegende Geschichte, Alberto. Und eine gespenstische Atmosphäre zudem. Mutig, dass Du das Rad mitten rein gestellt hast. Das gibt dem Drachen eine andere Resonanz.

Moving story, Alberto. And a spooky atmosphere too. You are brave to put the bike in the centre. So the dragon gets special resonance.

Kind regards Peter
2022/03/18 10:19 , Peter Brandt
Der Sand kommt wie ein Vorbote einer neuen Zeit. 
Wie schön, dass Du für Fridel die Orgel gespielt hast. RIP.
2022/03/18 23:18 , Matthias Knapp
Altri tempi. Quella bici inserita nel panorama è un plus.
2022/03/21 22:43 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Pedrotti Alberto

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