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Location: Forgaria nel Friuli      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 23 April 2017
The Cornino lake is a small lake located in the province of Udine, within the natural reserve of the Cornino lake.
The lake has no emissaries or tributaries, but receives a continuous water exchange from the underground aquifers, which allow it to maintain a constant temperature between 8 and 9°C throughout the year, as well as a characteristic clarity of the water. . The characteristic color of the lake is due to the presence of natural algae.


wunderschön Guiseppe,ich denke ich weiß genau wo das ist.In der Nähe ist eine Zuchtstation für Gänsegeier
2022/03/14 01:47 , Thomas Janeck
Looks noxious, but great colours ! Unfortunately I haven't a clue as to where it can be found.
2022/03/14 22:04 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
@Thomas: you know these areas.
@Hans-Jürgen: absolutely nothing noxious :-)
The green and turquoise colors are all given by natural algae.
2022/03/15 00:10 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Lago di C.? Close to a bicycle route I took a few years ago. LG Niels
2022/03/15 07:23 , Niels Müller-Warmuth
Ok. Lago di Cornino.
2022/03/15 21:03 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Beautiful little lake. At first I thought of Yellowstone, but I didn't realize ir was algae. BR Jan.
2022/03/16 20:14 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Gut getroffener Blick ins Auge der Karstquelle. Vergleichbares haben wir hier am Blautopf (#1577, dem Brenzursprung oder der Aachquelle, wo Blaualgen ebenfalls das Wasser türkisfarben leuchten lassen.

2022/03/17 16:52 , Dieter Leimkötter

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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