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Location: Monte Bastione (Fosdinovo) (696 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 27 June 2020
I would be very surprised if someone guessed it. There is no indication for this construction, it is dangerous to enter it and it is almost unknown even to those who live nearby. But once ...
This was the entrance. The construction was very much larger.


The construction of Forte Bastione dates back to the second half of the 1800s with the aim of protecting the naval base of La Spezia (which was the main Italian naval base). In its first decades of life not a single shot was fired and during the First World War it was used as a prison camp for Austrian prisoners.
During the last years of the Second World War it was a cornerstone of the Gothic Line and used by the German army as an artillery observatory to cannon the Allied armies attempting to climb the Peninsula. During this period it was the scene of fighting and suffered severe bombing which destroyed various parts of the fortress. Conquered and occupied by the Allies, it quickly lost all military utility and was abandoned: since then it has been in ruins.


No idea, but now I am curious about your solution.
2020/06/28 10:30 , Jens Vischer
No idea, Giuseppe although I would think about the ruins of a fortress or a prison.
2020/06/28 16:51 , Mentor Depret
Yes, it was a fortress and probably also a prison. A few years ago some hikers nearby found some buttons that belonged to the uniforms of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. World War I prisoners were probably held there.
But we are far from the Austrian border and the building was a fortress and not a prison.
2020/06/28 18:18 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Secondo me 
potrebbe essere uno dei forti della gronda lagunare. Non Forte Marghera.

Ciao, Alvise
2020/06/29 12:05 , Alvise Bonaldo
It was very obviouse, that it is a fortress. I am convinced, that with some seeking it can be found. Since the frame is from the weekend it is somewere in your vincinity; taking into account the history of Lombardia and Venetia it is likely somewere in this region. And I assume it is in a "sottopasso" situation, hence (i) maybe it is in a hilly surrounding and (ii) the water which maybe surrounded it is long gone.

Unfortunately I had no time yet to look for it.

Herzlichst Christoph
2020/06/29 12:30 , Christoph Seger
Werk Prinz Rudolf :-)

Grossartiger Platz !!!
2020/06/29 13:12 , Christoph Seger
Thanks Christoph and Alvise for the replies.
However, I am sorry to say that they are wrong.
We are not in Veneto, nor in the north-east of Italy.
The bad luck of this fortress is that it found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time: on the Gothic Line during the Second World War.
2020/06/29 18:21 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Ci sono passato in bici negli anni antichi sulla via per Campo Cecina, ma mai piú mi sarebbe venuto in mente!
Saluti Alberto
2020/06/29 18:43 , Pedrotti Alberto
Bravo Alberto!!! F.B.
2020/06/29 19:25 , Werner Schelberger
got it. 
very, very hard to find if you do not get all these hints ...
2020/06/29 21:31 , Christoph Seger
I am impressed by the number of 18th/19th century forts in Northern Italy - but much more so i'm happy to see a really new pano from Giuseppe! Now you're really back! Auguri!
2020/06/30 02:27 , Augustin Werner
Glad to see you continue your long series of the hidden beauties and hidden buildings of Italy with an especially hidden view. Cheers, Martin
2020/06/30 19:55 , Martin Kraus

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