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Location: Corsica Porto (1 m)      by: Arjan Veldhuis
Area: France      Date: augustus 1983
Camping Municipal Porto

And here it is, our luxury (?) Camper Deux Chevaux parked at the campsite near Porto.
You did not see campers as often 37 years ago as they do today.
But to be fair, this camper took us, sometimes jerky and jerky, to the most remote places and elevated villages of Corsica.
Porto is a nice and cozy place where our French cheese spontaneously turned into cheese spread due to the heat.

Number of shots: 4 Portrait photos 8x10 cm. Camera: ?


One heart for your camper - in my early years the car of my dreams ... ;-)
In Germany this car was named Acadiane, which was a variety of the Dyane.

Memories ...
2020/06/06 18:02 , Arno Bruckardt

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Arjan Veldhuis

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