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1 Búrfell 480 m, 13 km
2 Hrafnabjörg, 40 km
3 Miððalsfjall, 44 km
4 Hlödufell 1186 m, 55 km
5 Högnhöfði 1020 m, 50 km
6 Near Kjerið, 12 km
7 Sandfell 695 m, 50 km
8 Bláfell 1204 m, 80 km
9 250 m, 27 km
10 Kambur
11 Fjall 340 m, 25 km
12 Kambur 500 m, 50 km
13 16 km
14 Hekla 1488 m, 65 km
15 Vatnafjöll 1235 m, 67 km
16 Tindfjöll (partly in clouds) 1462 m, 73 km
17 þrihyrningur, 54 km
18 Vestmannaeyjar islands, 70 km


Location: ... (40 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Iceland      Date: 2018-07-19, 09:18
In 2018 I was fortunate enough to go to Iceland. It was a round trip with my family, with both younger and older members. It was mainly along the Highway 1, and given the distances, the time was limited for hiking sadly, and also the weather wasn't that helpful always. One or two panos from the trip has some originality, but most were simple roadside panos. I will not make a bulk-series from there, but merely throw some out here and there in between everything else.

I kick off with a roadside view over Selfoss; the river that is, and not the nearby town of the same name. We had stayed overnight in nearby Hveragerði, and must-see stuff from the southwestern corner, like Gullfoss, geysers, and Thingvellir, was on the program.

Pano made from 9 pics (RAW), 50 mm, f/8, iso-100, 1/640 sec, developed in DPP (daylight, neutral, moderate sharpness), stitched in PTgui pro, contrast, scale and sharpness in Irfanview.


Die bisher gezeigten Panos von Island zeigen hauptsächlich die in Form und Farben spektakulären Landschaften aus der Nähe. Hier sieht man auch mal das weite Land davor. Die Fernsicht zu den Bergen in der Ferne ist ausgezeichnet.
2020/03/27 19:00 , Friedemann Dittrich
The air must have been very clear. Contours in the clouds are still very sharp near the horizon.
2020/03/28 18:47 , Jörg Braukmann
A dark and lush green as far as the eye can reach. I like it and I hope you show more - not only in between.. :-)

@Jan, I think there is a sensor spot in the clouds on the right side, maybe you can repair this one.
2020/03/29 11:54 , Werner Schelberger
Werner, luckily it wasn't a sensorspot, but a flying insect...but good you noticed! LG Jan.
2020/03/30 14:02 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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