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1 Pass 4820 GPS
2 Cerro Flor de Luto, 5498
3 Cerro Alcay, 5300
4 Jirishanca Chico, 5446
5 Yerupaja, 6617
6 Yerupaja Chico, 6089
7 Jirishanca, 6095
8 5989
9 Mituraju, 5750
10 Rondoy, 5870
11 Rondoy Chico
12 Ninacocha, 4440
13 Nina Punta
14 Ninashanca, 5607
15 Cerro Paria, 5190
16 4992
17 Cerro Azul Cuncush, 4980
18 Cacanan Punta, 4690
19 4959
20 Mitucocha, 4270
21 Quebrada Caliente
22 4858
23 Cerro Jarara, 4818
24 Cerro Chonta, 4774
25 Hidden valley


Location: Nameless summit (4890 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Peru      Date: 31-07-2019
The common Huayhuash circuit does not even reach Laguna Mitucocha. Many people, however, make a detour to visit the laguna, and possibly to camp on its northern shore, thus splitting the stage Quartelhuain-Carhuacocha in two days.
Then there is an adventure variant which allows to reach the Mitucocha directly from below Cacanan Punta - you can imagine it in the meadows in direction Cacananan. A more adventurous variant connects then the Mitucocha to Carhuacocha through the high pass, marked here 4820 GPS. It connects the so called "hidden valley" (although no longer hidden in the present work) with the isolated Alcaycocha, from which the descent to Carhuacocha is straightforward.
On top of the variant I also put the ascent to this little panoramic summit, which allows a full view on the wonderful, yet unknown Niñacocha, dominated by the equally-named Niñashanca.
Also Jirishanca is interesting from here, although ist most iconic and impressive aspect remains the one shown in N.26211. An useful comparison is also that of the present wiew with the one from Sambuya (N.26786), showing the opposite side of the central chain from a comparable distance. And it is amazing that Sambuya lies only 5 km away from here - this witnesses the truly amazing morphology and steepness of the central Huayhuash chain.

Location: -10.2155 -76.89118
GPS track: in preparation...


A splendid viewpoint - what a scenery !!!
2020/01/21 06:57 , Christoph Seger
Fantastic, and with a little similarity to Laguna de los Tres ;)
2020/01/21 08:43 , Jens Vischer
These views are always mind-blowing, but the addition of the layered ridge on the right makes this one particularly dramatic. Cheers, Martin
2020/01/21 20:30 , Martin Kraus
Now that´s some mountain! :-)
2020/01/22 09:22 , Johannes Ha
Seems like a perfect Mountain in its surroundings.
2020/01/22 19:39 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
A really amazing landscape!
2020/01/22 21:31 , Michael Strasser
Great scenery!
2020/01/30 17:50 , Werner Schelberger

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Pedrotti Alberto

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