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1 (Monte Bronzone), 1334m
2 Monte Giovo, 1990m; 186,5Km
3 Alpe di Vallestrina, 1900m
4 Monte Cusna, 2121m; 166,2Km
5 Monte Sillano, 1876m
6 Monte Ventasso, 1728m
7 Monte Cavalbianco, 1855m
9 Monte La Nuda, 1893m
10 Monte Casarola, 1979m
11 Alpe di Succiso, 2016m
12 Monte Alto, 1904m
13 Monte Bocco, 1790m
14 Monte Losanna, 1856m
15 Monte Alto, 651m (pano 21439)
16 Monte Sillara, 1861m
17 Monte Brusa, 1794m
18 Monte Marmagna, 1852m
19 Monte Orsaro, 1831m
20 Monte Molinatico, 1550m
21 Monte Orfano, 452m
22 Monte Barigazzo, 1284m
23 Sant' Onofrio (pano 21345)
24 Monte Colombo, 1562m
25 Monte Tecchione, 1583m
26 Monte Carameto, 1318m
27 Monte Gottero, 1639m
28 Monte Ragola, 1711m
29 Monte Nero, 1758m
30 Monte Maggiorasca, 1809m; 138,8Km
31 Roncalla, 1685m
32 Crociglia, 1578m
33 Rocca Borri, 1580m
34 Monte Aserei, 1432m
35 Monte Oramara, 1522m
37 Monte Delle Tane, 1198m
38 Monte Alfeo, 1651m
39 Monte Lesima, 1724m
40 Cavalmurone, 1670m
41 Monte Chiappo, 1700m; 133Km
42 Monte Ebro, 1701m
43 Cosfrone, 1667m
44 Monte di Grone, 1192m
45 Monte Giarolo, 1473m
46 Monte delle Figne, 1172m
47 (Monte Gremalto), 1320m


Location: Colle di Caf      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 1 January 2020
Seeing the Apennines from the Alps is not difficult if it is a clear day. This is how the Apennines from Orobie (Bergamasker Alpen) are seen in a bright winter sunset.
The Po Valley is covered in haze, as happens quite frequently in winter.
The sun, reflecting on the haze, gives a particular coloring.
The view of Apennines is always pleasant, even if there are no peaks that stand out clearly compared to the others.
5 photos; 70mm; f8; 1/320 sec.; 200 ISO.


An impressive documentation Giuseppe!
2020/01/06 00:09 , Mentor Depret
Thanks Mentor.
2020/01/06 00:48 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Splendid view in a fantastic light!
2020/01/06 10:35 , Werner Schelberger

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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