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1 Centrale termo-elettrica di Tavazzano
2 Pizzo d'Ormea, 2476m
3 Bric di Canoia, 2521m
4 Monte Rotondo, 2495m
5 Monte Mongioie, 2630m; 231,3Km
7 Cima della Brignola, 2472m
8 Cima delle Saline, 2612m
9 Cima Seirasso, 2436m
10 PUNTA MARGUAREIS, 2651, 237,1Km
11 Monte Clapier, 3045m
12 Cima Maledia, 3061m
13 Monte Gelas, 3143m
15 Cima del Baus, 3067m
16 Cima di Nasta, 3108m; 260,1Km
17 CIMA ARGENTERA, 3297m; 259,2Km
18 Asta Soprana, 2948
19 Monte Matto, 3097m
20 Rocca di Valmiana, 3006m
21 Chiesa di Calcinate
22 Centrale termo-elettrica di Cassano d'Adda
23 Cima delle Lobbie, 3015m
24 Punta Malta, 2995m
25 Punta Trento, 2970m
26 Punta Michelis, 3154m
27 MONVISO, 3841m; 243,1Km
28 Visolotto, 3348m
29 Punta Gastaldi, 3210m
30 Punta Roma, 3069m
31 Punta Venezia, 3096m
32 Punta Marte, 3152m
33 Monte Meidassa, 3105m
34 Crete de la Taillante, 3197m
35 Le Grand Queyras, 3114m
36 La Sparveyre, 3002m
37 Pic Segure, 2990m
39 Palavas (Tete du Pelvas), 2929m
40 Mait d'Amunt, 2804m
41 Bric Bouchet, 2997m
42 Punta Cornour, 2867m
43 Punta Cialancia, 2855m
44 Gran Queyron, 3060m
45 Cima di Frappier, 3003m
46 Cima Roudel, 2993m
47 Punta Del Gran Miol, 2995m
48 Punta Ramiere (Bric Froid), 3302m
50 Torre Unicredit
51 Palazzo Lombardia
52 Punta Rognosa, 3280m
53 Bric di Mezzogiorno, 2986m
54 Bric Rosso, 3030m
55 Monte Rocciavre', 2778m
56 Punta Cristalliera, 2801m
57 Punta Pian Paris, 2720m
58 Punta Rocca Nera, 2852m
59 Cima Ciantiplagna, 2849m
60 Punta della Croce, 2234m
61 Monte Civrari, 2302m
62 Punta Lunella, 2772m
63 Monte Palon, 2970m
64 Rocciamelone, 3538m; 223Km
65 Monte Lera, 3355m
66 La Croce Rossa, 3565m
67 Punta d'Arnas (Ouille d'Arbéron), 3554m
68 Pointe de Charbonell, 3752m
69 La Bessanese, 3592m
70 Gran Ciamarella, 3676m
71 Levanna Orientale, 3555m
72 Levanna Centrale, 3619m
73 Levanna Occidentale, 3593m
74 GRAN PARADISO, 4061m; 202,7Km
75 Punta Frassy, 3923m
76 Punta Farrar, 3921m
77 Becca di Montandayne, 3838m
78 Herbétet, 3778m
79 Rosa dei Banchi, 3164m
81 La Grivola, 3969m
82 Monte Mucrone, 2335m
83 Punta Tersiva, 3512m
84 Monte Mars, 2600m
85 Monte Crabun, 2711m
86 Corno del Lago, 2747m
87 Monte Cresto, 2542m
88 Becca Vlou, 3032m
89 Monte Nery, 3075m
90 Monte Cossarello, 2691m
91 Corno del Pallone, 2920m
92 Corno Rosso, 2979m
93 Cresta Rossa, 2986m
94 Corno Carro, 3026m
95 Punta di Ciampono, 3233m
96 Corno Bianco, 3320m
97 Corno Grosso, 3042m
98 Punta Straling, 3115m
99 Corno Rosso, 3023m
100 Corno del Camoscio, 3028m
101 Montevecchia
102 Piramide Vincent, 4215m
103 Corno Nero, 4321m
104 Liskamm, 4527m
105 Punta Parrot (Parrotspitze), 4432m
106 Punta Gnifetti (Signalkuppe), 4554m
107 Punta Zumstein (Zumsteinspitze), 4563
108 Punta Dufour (Dufourspitze), 4634m; 158,3KmKm
109 Nordend, 4609m
110 Kleines Fillarhorn, 3621m
111 Gran Fillar, 3676m
112 Cima Brioschi, 3642m
113 Torre di Castelfranco, 3629m
114 Weissgrat, 3659m
115 Cima Jazzi, 3803m
116 Dent Blanche, 4357m; 178,7Km
117 Neue Weisstorspitze, 3639m
118 Schwarzberghorn, 3609m
119 Adlerhorn, 3988m
120 Strahlhorn, 4190m
121 Rimpfischhorn, 4199m
124 Monte Canto, 710m
125 Allalinhorn, 4020m
126 Alphubel, 4206m
127 Täschhorn, 4491m;
128 Dom, 4545m; 163,2Km
129 Lenzspitze, 4294m
130 Nadelhorn, 4327m


Location: Grumello del Monte      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 10 March 2017
It is not too difficult to photograph the Alps from the Po valley. In theory it is sufficient to take any point on the plain to have a beautiful view of the Alps.
From a practical point of view, however, things are different. Points with a view free of obstacles in front are very few, because it is a highly urbanized area; moreover, visibility in the distance is often poor.
However, when it is possible to find a point free from obstacles and excellent visibility, the show is assured. This is an example.

10 photos; 200 mm (full format); f7,1; 2 sec.; 160 ISO; with tripod.


Urban ambience and "pure nature" combined in an impressive panorama - perfectly composed, Giuseppe !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2019/12/16 21:12 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
For me, one of the most spectacular panoramas overall. Cheers, Martin
2019/12/16 21:50 , Martin Kraus
Why did you wait so long to present this amazing panorama?
Cheers Werner
2019/12/16 23:06 , Werner Schelberger
Thanks for your friendly comments. I also like it, especially considering the considerable distances of the Alps. For example, Argentera is about 260 km away and Monviso 243 and the fact that we see the entire Alpine arc from the Ligurian Alps to the Pennine Alps
I must point out that a sunset with this light and clarity can be seen 5-10 days in a year. Not more.
2019/12/16 23:53 , Giuseppe Marzulli
City lights and Alps, perfectly combined, what a great combination!
2019/12/17 08:25 , Jens Vischer
Fantastic. I feel relieved that you have this view only 5-10 times a year. When I lived in Travedona/ Varese as a boy I seldom had a mountain view in memory. LG Niels
2019/12/17 09:30 , Niels Müller-Warmuth
amazing view, great sky, nice lights!
LG Jörg
2019/12/17 20:34 , Jörg Nitz
Thank you all for the comments and I reply to Niels.
Also from Bergamo, as from Travedona, the Alps are seen much more frequently than 5-10 times a year. But not with these conditions of visibility so clear and so wide.
2019/12/18 00:24 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Anche il fatto di vedere il Marguareis da qui non è da sottovalutare!
2019/12/18 22:37 , Pedrotti Alberto
What a spectacular view from such a low viewpoint!
2019/12/23 23:27 , Peter Brandt
Thanks Peter. To be honest, this is one of my favorite panos.
And I explain the reason. As you said, I am at a very low altitude (about 300 meters) and from this modest height, peaks are photographed, such as the Argentera, which are 260 km away....
2019/12/24 00:30 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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