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1 Trevi
2 Monte Brunette, 1421m
3 Coste San Paolo
4 Monte Serano, 1429m
5 Eremo Francescano
6 Pissignano
7 (Fonti del Clitunno)


Location: Trevi (SP447)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 17 August 2012

Clitunno is a small river in Umbria. However, its springs were already famous in Roman times and celebrated by many Latin poets. Even later his sources inspired many poets, including Byron.
In this pano we do not see its sources, but a stretch of the valley near the village of Trevi.


Posso dirti che la sterrata che vedi salire obliqua attraverso CSP è parecchio ripida...
2019/10/09 22:08 , Pedrotti Alberto
First thought about S....o, but now convinced it's rather T...i a few km south. Cheers, Martin
2019/10/10 13:41 , Martin Kraus
Anche io 
credo che tu abbia già postato una pano di questi luoghi, un po' più ravvicinata, poco più di un anno fa.
Ciao, Alvise
2019/10/11 09:15 , Alvise Bonaldo

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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