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1 Nangpa 6907
2 Nangpa 6797
3 5467
4 Cho Oyu, 8201
5 Ngozumpa Kang I, 7916
6 Ngozumpa Kang II, 7743
7 Gyachung Kang, 7952
8 Hungchi, 7036
9 Kangchung W, 6089
10 Kangchung E, 6136
11 Changtse, 7543
12 Nirekha, 6169
13 Everest, 8848
14 Lhotse, 8516
15 Makalu, 8463
16 5895
17 Cholatse, 6440
18 Taweche, 6542
19 Malanphulan, 6571
20 Kangtega, 6782
21 Kyashar, 6769
22 Thamserku, 6623
23 Kusum Kangri, 6369
24 Pari Lapcha, 6076
25 Tengi Ragi Tau, 6938
26 Dragkar Go, 6771
27 5891


Location: Gokyo Ri (5361 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Nepal      Date: 28-04-2019
On Gokyo Ri, at

With the many things that I have to show from the Himalaya, I do not know if it makes sense to insist on an already presented subject (see N.25624). But I think that Gokyo Ri is an exceptional viewpoint, maybe even better than Kala Pattar, and this is why I remained on the top for more than two hours, waiting for the change of conditions from dawn light to full daylight. "More than two hours only to take photos" wondered our sherpa, whom we had left down playing cards with his fellows. He was once on the summit of Everest at sunrise, photographing the shadow of the mountain widely stretched over the Tibetan plateau. For him, maybe, a view like the present one is routine. For a Westerner like me - and a poor one in addition - it is far from routine.

The early morning view from Gokyo Ri was the first experiment with the manipulation of images from the Sony camera. At present, I am following the advice given to me by HJBay, to convert raw images to DNG in order to be able process them with Lightroom 5. I am not fully satisfied with this approach, due both to the conversion overhead and to the limitation to the Adobe color profile. So, I tried to install a trial version of Capture One, both 1) impressed by the Stockholm panorama by Christoph Seger and 2) considering that Sony cameras are sometimes sold together with the Sony-limited version of that program. However, to be honest, the installation of the program on my old Windows 7 has never proceeded too far - I guess that the trial period will time out without having ever succeeded in the installation!

17 HF, Sony RX10, 43 mm, f/8, 1/800 sec

Time: 07.40
Location: 27.962756 86.68315
Larger: https://bit.ly/2nbYa4i


Ist der Mount Everest auch dabei!
2019/09/30 11:13 , Walter Schmidt
Der Cholatse macht aus dieser Perspektive auch stets eine gute Figur - sehr schöne Ergänzung zum bereits gesehenen, Alberto !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2019/09/30 13:07 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Walter: http://bit.ly/2n4b1Ww

HJBäu: den Cholatse habe ich aus weit besseren Perspektiven. Muss man aber Geduld haben...
2019/09/30 15:26 , Pedrotti Alberto
Irres Hochgebirge!
2019/09/30 22:01 , Peter Brandt
Splendid view Alberto but you should complete with recording data...
2019/10/01 17:44 , Mentor Depret
Now done
2019/10/01 22:49 , Pedrotti Alberto
2019/10/03 22:54 , Matthias Knapp
Ist noch beeindruckender als die großartige Rundschau Nr. 25624 zum Sonnenaufgang. Aber es wäre überlegenswert, ob der Zuschnitt von Nr. 25624 hier nicht noch besser wirken würde - und der hier gewählte dort bei Nr. 25624.
2019/10/04 11:22 , Heinz Höra
A classic view in technical perfection. My father had a very old panorama from here - need to look up the details next time I'm there. Cheers, Martin
2019/10/07 21:48 , Martin Kraus

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