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1 Maja e Bridashes - 2125 m
2 Maja Irgut - 2182 m
3 Maja Omekut - 2103 m
4 Maja Thate - 2531 m
5 Maja Vukalit - 2182 m
6 Maja e Radohimes - 2568 m
7 Maja Buni e Thores - 1776 m


Location: Qafe Thore (1800 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Albania      Date: 5.07.2019


And... does then the road go down all the way to Tamare, or has it to be completed yet?
2019/09/07 00:29 , Pedrotti Alberto
Its not that road, this is road from Koplik to Theth. Asphalt surface ends at Qafe Thore, pass above village Boge.
2019/09/07 19:03 , Konrad Sus
I understand... I was wrong by one whole valley.
I should have consulted Google Maps and company before asking. Incidentally, I only checked my relatively new terraQuest map (Polish made, indestructible) of the Prokletije, but it does not cover this SW corner...
2019/09/08 16:41 , Pedrotti Alberto
I didn`t know the road, that you wrote about, thank to you, I improve my knowledge. And i read, that "your" road is driveable from Montenegro, only 500 meters without asphalt.
2019/09/09 16:13 , Konrad Sus
when i first saw this pano, without reading more about it I spontaneously thought it looks like a road Alberto Pedrotti would travel on :-)
2019/09/09 17:11 , Augustin Werner
Its hard to find any road, where Alberto didn't travel :)
2019/09/09 20:25 , Konrad Sus
Konrad: here you see that road under construction:
As you may check browsing the neighbouring photos, in 2013 asphalt was unknown at all in that valley...

Augustin: thank you for the association road-traveller!
2019/09/25 23:05 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Konrad Sus


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