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1 San Francesco del Deserto
2 Tempio Votivo della Pace


Location: Campanile Torcello (40 m)      by: Klaus Föhl
Area: Italy      Date: 2017-04-20
Ein kürzlich hier gezeigtes Panorama vom Hauptort hat mich verleitet, vom präparierten Wege abzuweichen und statt dessen schonmal diese Ansicht zu zeigen.
Lagune aber nicht der Hauptort


Kamera Canon EOS M3
6 Teleaufnahmen 110mm (APS-C)
33 Grad Blickwinkel


If it's a riddle it's too easy....
2019/08/27 00:14 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Fully agreed. I have now set the coordinates. More description to come time permitting.
2019/08/27 07:36 , Klaus Föhl
I wonder... 
... how much did you extend the length of your zoom in order to take this close-up view of Burano und umgebung. The shooting point is not that simple nor intuitive to find.
I wonder, too, if you know what's the name of the wooded isle behind the church and the leaning tower. It has a very special and ancient story. Finally, I wonder if you know what is the strange building (kind of copper-green dome) at the very right of the pano, and where it is. This too may be a little surprise...
Ciao, Alvise
2019/08/27 08:36 , Alvise Bonaldo
First answer: I was using my tele lens.
Further answers: I have to look myself first.
P. S. I also have a version 66 degrees wide, extending on the right-hand side but for a start I wanted to show Burano.
2019/08/27 23:07 , Klaus Föhl
I did read up on Isola di San Francesco del Deserto.
And the cupola belongs to Tempio Ossario del Lido di Venezia.
2019/08/28 13:47 , Klaus Föhl
Klasse wie Du die doch etwas entferntere Insel hier einfangen konntest.
2019/08/29 15:19 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
ciao, Alvise
2019/08/31 20:47 , Alvise Bonaldo

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Klaus Föhl

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