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1 Monte Priafora', 1659m
2 Forni Alti, 2023m
3 Cima Palon (Pasubio), 2232m
4 Roite, 2144m
5 Monte Buso, 2080m
6 Col Santino, 2122m
7 Col Santo, 2112m
8 Coston dei Laghi, 1880m
9 Monte Toraro, 1897m
10 Cima Valbona, 1864m
11 Monte Campomolon, 1853m
12 Spitz di Tonezza, 1694m
13 Cima di Campolongo, 1720m
14 Chiesa di Canove di Roana
15 Chiesa di Roano
16 Monte Verena, 2015m
17 Cima Larici, 2033m
18 Cima Portule, 2310m
19 Chiesa di Camporovere
20 Monte Trentin, 2325m
21 Monte Zebio, 1717m


Location: Kaberlaba (Asiago)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 1 May 2019

The Asiago plateau (or Sette Comuni) is a vast plateau located on the Vicentine Prealps, in the northern part of the province of Vicenza.
Seven Comuni formed a Cimbrian enclave in the Veneto region of north-east Italy. Cimbrian, a dialect of Upper German, was the native tongue, and the area was ethnically and culturally diverse from the surrounding comuni.
it is a very characteristic area, but strangely there was still no pano of the Altopiano di Asiago.


Zimbrich kompliziert... Should be at the Tana Gourmet 
The bell tower on the left of the one with the "xxx" can be seen in the german wikipedia:
2019/05/06 23:40 , Matthias Knapp
Bravo Matthias. As I have said it is a very characteristic area, of which so far there were no panos.
2019/05/07 20:47 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Now I see what I did not see having driven my car along the SS47 in the nearby valley.
2019/05/10 16:05 , Klaus Föhl
Hi Klaus. It is not easy to arrive by chance on the Asiago plateau, because the main roads bypass it.
2019/05/11 23:48 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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