Cyprus II - Gazimagusa/Famagusta (Northern Cyprus)   31299
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1 Sinan Pasha Mosque
2 Former Church of St. Peter and Paul
3 Karpas Peninsula
4 Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque
5 Former Cathedral of Saint Nicholas
6 Church of St. Georges of the Greeks
7 The Wall
8 Varosha Ghost town


Aufnahmestandort: Gazimagusa      Fotografiert von: Geir Anders Langangen
Gebiet: Cyprus      Datum: 09.02.19
Gazimagusa, also known as Famagusta, is a historic city in the defacto state of Northern Cyprus.
Several of the city's churches, among others The Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, were turned into mosques during the Ottoman Empire in 1571.

On the southeastern side of the wall there is a viewing platform

This is the first panorama from Northern Cyprus. Since the country does not exist (just like other defacto States, for example Abkhazia and Transnistria) on the list on PP, I place it under Cyprus.



I am very happy to see Famagusta. The city was Venetian dominion and in Italy its siege of 1571 is well known.
17.02.2019 21:15 , Giuseppe Marzulli
The quality of your panos has improved significantly, the bonus of new ones can count now ;-)
18.02.2019 18:05 , Steffen Minack
Extremely interesting. Since long on my list of travel ideas, but have never materialised the idea. Cheers, Martin
18.02.2019 21:18 , Martin Kraus

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Geir Anders Langangen

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