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1 Marzola cresta N
2 Cima d'Ambiez, 3104
3 Residual shadow
4 Cima Tosa, 3173
5 Crozzon di Brenta, 3118
6 Arjan Veldhuis
7 Brenta Alta, 2960
8 Canfedin, 2046
9 Campanile Alto, 2937
10 Torre di Brenta, 3014
11 Cima degli Armi, 2951
12 Spallone dei Massodi, 2999
13 Cima Brenta, 3150


Location: Barco (567 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 21-01-2019
Since I am not seeing eclipse/Finsternis panoramas, let me throw one inside, although made of only two pictures. Actually, I was too busy in following the moon, who seemed to move so fast. Or maybe the moon moves at the usual speed, it is the photographer who is getting older and lazier...
I chose this position, 45.99956 11.34468, since the moon was due to set with azimuth 300°, whence I was expecting it to sink somewhere left of Cima Brenta. Actually, this happened left of Cima Tosa, which luckily was in sight as well.

Position: 45.99956 11.34469


Well done! Moon eclipse is a little bit yellow press hype to me, but yours is realy nice. Anyway - lucky, those who had not to go at work that time.

For better planning:,11.3447,14/2019.01.21/07:29/1/3
or photopills app
2019/01/22 15:05 , Steffen Minack
Questa non basta farla. Bisogna averla pianificata.
2019/01/22 20:14 , Giuseppe Marzulli
impressive work! 
Luckily you were able to observe the eclipse without too much clouds - I was also trying to get an eclipse panorama instead of one more of those thousends moon-only-pictures that are around everywhere.
Unfortunately clouds covered the eclipse when the mood approached the Karwendel in Austria an I therefore enjoy pictures like yours to remember this rare occasions
So, good work and definitely unique for at least 10 years!

2019/01/22 21:20 , Alexander Egger
Statt bei 300° ist er genialerweise bei 295° kurz vor seinem Untergang gewesen. Fein inszeniert, old man.
2019/01/22 22:14 , Heinz Höra
Great work! 
2019/01/22 23:17 , Matthias Knapp
così non vale. 
E' inutile che in questo sito ci siano foto ottime e foto come questa. Non c'è partita.
Vedi tu se darci anche delle technicalities.
2019/01/23 09:00 , Alvise Bonaldo
Spontan musste ich hier an das alte Computerspiel "Pac-man" denken.
2019/01/23 09:32 , Dieter Leimkötter
Fantastic. I am blown away...BR Jan.
2019/01/23 21:00 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Many thanks to everybody for the appreciation.

Alvise: di tecnico c'è che è fatta col solito 70-300, anche se è dato per morto. Si è infatti "liberata" qualche lente all'interno, per cui funziona un giorno sí e uno no, il giorno piú no essendo stato forse quello del N.22718, alquanto affine a questo...
Ricordavo che sul sentiero da Barco alla Val di Sella c'era un altro candidato belvedere, ma quel che non ricordavo era se ci fosse vista libera o alberi in mezzo. Quindi ho scelto la soluzione piú sicura e conservativa di rimanere basso...
2019/01/24 21:18 , Pedrotti Alberto
Wow! Am Bodensee war´s Montag leider bedeckt...:-/
2019/01/26 18:01 , Johannes Ha
Hier wurde es auch stark bedeckt... aber eine Stunde später!
LG, Alberto.
2019/01/26 20:52 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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