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1 Torre del Colle di San Giovanni Battista
2 Gran Paradiso, 4061m; 206,1Km
3 La Grivola, 3969m
4 Punta Tersiva, 3512m
5 Monte Nery, 3075m
7 Corno Bianco, 3320m
8 Chiesa di San Giorgio (pano 21115)
10 Monte Canto, 710m
11 Colle San Vigilio
12 Monte Rosa, 4634m
13 Nordend, 4609m; 160,5Km
14 Cima Jazzi, 3803m
15 Chiesa della Madonna d'Argon
16 Strahlhorn, 4190m
17 Rimpfischhorn, 4199m
18 Allalinhorn, 4020m
19 Alphubel, 4206m
20 Dom, 4545m; 165,1Km
21 Monte Linzone, 1392m
22 Monte Tesoro, 1432m
23 Monte Ocone, 1410m
24 Corna Camozzera, 1452m
25 Canto Alto, 1146m
26 Resegone, 1875m
27 Grigna Meridionale, 2177m
28 Corna Filaressa, 1133m


Location: San Giovanni delle Formiche      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 30 December 2018


Grazie :-)
2018/12/31 20:42 , Jens Vischer
Dir ebenfalls
2019/01/01 08:01 , Thomas Janeck
Thanks, also best wishes to you! Although I will not travel to Italy next time I know the country much better now because of your great impressions! Go on like this next year!
LG Jörg
2019/01/01 15:57 , Jörg Nitz
Best wishes to you as well. Cheers, Martin

PS: Thanks for the German greeting in the title. Sometimes I am worried that we exclude people like you with our mainly German descriptions. Are you able to translate these? Google might help.
2019/01/01 16:30 , Martin Kraus
Thank you for your friendly comments.
I can understand writing in English or French, but I do not know German. If the discussion is interesting, I translate it with Google, but it does not always work well.
2019/01/02 19:47 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Beste Wünsche Dir ebenfalls - aber warum der Ameisen? Perché delle Formiche?
Io conoscevo una Maestā della Formica sulle Apuane.
2019/01/02 23:47 , Pedrotti Alberto
My best wishes to you too, Giuseppe.
2019/01/03 13:33 , Mentor Depret
Happy New Year; Giuseppe!
2019/01/03 21:40 , Peter Brandt
Best wishes to you too.
2019/01/04 14:02 , Danko Rihter
Grazie, Giuseppe - anche per te un "Felice anno nuovo 2019" !!!

Saluti dalla Foresta Nera
2019/01/05 10:47 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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