Coming down from Monte Alpi   6496
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1 Monte Raparo, 1764m
2 La Bannera, 1703m
3 Montagna del Caperino, 1455m
4 Castelsaraceno
5 (Monte Pollino), 2248m
6 Latronico
7 (Cozzo del Pellegrino), 1987m
8 Monte Ciagola, 1464m
9 Monte La Spina, 1652m
10 Lago di Cogliandrino
11 Monte Crivo, 1277m
12 La Serra, 1083m
13 Monte Coccovello, 1505m
14 Monte Sirino (1907m)


Aufnahmestandort: Monte Alpi (1900 m)      Fotografiert von: Giuseppe Marzulli
Gebiet: Italy      Datum: 4 August 2018

Monte Alpi is not located in the Alps, but is one of the highest peaks of the Lucanian Apennines.
It is considered the extreme northern part of the Pollino Massif.
It allows an extraordinary view, which includes both the whole Pollino Massif that the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, but in the distance the visibility that day was not high. In August, in those areas it is difficult to find a day of excellent visibility.


There are no other panos from this mountain but one of you got there close.
07.12.2018 17:30 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Been there even closer thank you thought (passed in about 10km distance). Don't want to completely spoil this for the others, but I have marked a mountain at the very right end which has a large chapel of the Madonna at the summit and from where I will show a panorama. Great view of an area that seems to me to be under-appreciated. Cheers, Martin
07.12.2018 18:03 , Martin Kraus
Thank you for solving. I was not able to locate it.
08.12.2018 08:56 , Christoph Seger
Stunning location and excellent panorama work !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
08.12.2018 18:13 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
@Giuseppe - Thanks for adding the labels. As seen from the west, Monte Alpi is an impressive mountain and I can understand why it is called that way even if far away from the Alps. I intend to show that view in one way or the other tomorrow. Cheers, Martin
08.12.2018 19:37 , Martin Kraus
The Monte Alpi, as a form, is probably the most beautiful mountain in this area, but I prefer the Monte Pollino area. I've also been on Monte Sirino, but I've never been lucky with visibility in this area.
08.12.2018 20:03 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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