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1 Jesuit Cathedral of Hrodna


Location: Plosca Savieckaja (Savieckaja Square) [Hrodna]      by: Geir Anders Langangen
Area: Belarus      Date: 05.06.18
I am a little surprised that there is no panorama from Belarus here.
With freedom of visa for most European citizens, Belarus has become the newest "everyone must have a trip to" Belarus.

Today, it is visa-free for up to 30 days by plane to and from Minsk, and you can travel throughout the country.
In addition, you can travel without a visa to Hrodna and Brest, but then you have to book a «trip» and you are only allowed to travel in a limited area. You can not travel between Brest and Hrodna, in which case you have to return to Poland first and take a second trip to the other city. I have used twice (Brest and Hrodna, respectively) and have only good experiences. The lowest price for a «trip» is approx. 12 €, and includes entrance to a museum.


...ein Platz mitten in einer Stadt, alles piccobello sauber wie geleckt, kein Müll, keine Grafitti, kein Vandalismus und gepflegte Grünanlagen. Keine Drogenszene, keine Berufstrinker und Bettler. Das kann ja nur in einem Schurkenstaat sein.

Sehr schön!

2018/12/01 00:44 , Jörg Engelhardt
You show us very exquisite locations!
2018/12/01 10:37 , Jens Vischer
Great. Do we have a list of "missing countries on PP"? Cheers, Martin
2018/12/01 12:41 , Martin Kraus

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Geir Anders Langangen

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