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1 Grande Roise, 3353m
2 Monte Emilius, 3559m; 25,6Km
3 Becca di Nona, 3142m
4 Becca d'Aver, 2469m
5 Mont Meabe', 2615m
6 La Ville
7 Cima Bianca, 3009m
8 Punta Cian, 3320m
9 Becca di Sale, 3107m
10 Corgnolaz


Location: Chamois      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 25 February 2012

Chamois is a town and comune in the Aosta Valley. It is the only municipality in Italy not navigable by car. Visitors can arrive in Chamois with a cablecar or by a path from La Magdaleine.


Left behind Mont E......, in front maybe T......, in Valle A....
2018/11/08 17:34 , Günter Diez
Left behind Mont E...... OK
in front maybe T...... NO
in Valle A.... OK

Bravo anyway. Can I ask you how did you identify the area?
2018/11/08 19:06 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Ok, second chance, in front C.....
I recognized Mont E. He has a typicel Apperance from Est, than it was easy to find the region.
Many years ago i climbed some high mountains in the region with ski.
Gruß Günter
2018/11/08 21:57 , Günter Diez

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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