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Location: Grinda      by: Christoph Seger
Area: Sweden      Date: 2017-06-18
Unsolved Riddle

In the Skärgård Grinda is one of the not so well islands very much loved by the locals. No cars, a hotel, some houses a campground and a yacht harbor. Thats almost all.


Nur um es klarzustellen.

Das ist KEIN See wie bei Walter im Nachbar-Pano !!

Das ist SALZIG !!

2018/08/14 17:58 , Christoph Seger
for the colleagues who are interested in solving the riddle another hint:

the approximate "Kreisringsegment" to search in ... the ferry from Stockholm takes about to hours (with many stops ...).
2018/08/15 12:20 , Christoph Seger
Nachdem ich nun 12 x 4 Sternchen aber keine Kommentare zum Ort erhalten habe, löse ich.

Wir befanden uns auf einer Sonntagsfahrt nach Grinda. Dort blieben uns nur Spaziergänge übrig, wollte man im Restaurant des Hotels essen oder die schöne Terrasse nützen würde man so um die Mit-Sommer Zeit wohl ein klein wenig im Voraus buchen. Besonders am Wochenende nach dem Polar Music Prize ...
2018/08/19 17:17 , Christoph Seger
Nice place! How did you end up there? LG Jan.
2018/08/19 17:33 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
We have been to Stockholm "for a weekend". Hence we decided we would also like to go to an island. When we approached the ferries in Stockholm we quickly realized that the most stupid thing to do on a weekend in June is to go to Vaxholmen. So I asked the young guy at the ticket counter - were do the people here like to go to for a day trip? Thats how we ended up in Grinda. For most of the trip outward we had to stand, thats how the ferries have been overbooked ...
2018/08/19 17:42 , Christoph Seger

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