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1 Chiesa di Sant'Eufemia
3 Torrente Albano
4 Parrocchia S. St.
5 another panorama point by Giuseppe
6 Torrente Liro
7 Chiesa di Santa Maria del Tiglio
9 Palazzo Gallio
11 Torrente Livo


Location: path to Monte Legnoncino      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 22 July 2018

The pano shows some villages on the north-western shore of Lake Como.
From the historical point of view, Dongo is known because it was the place where Benito Mussolini was captured by the partisans on April 27, 1945. The next day he was executed in another location on Lake Como.


Che legnata questa per il Betrachter!
Per nulla piccolina.
Voglio ben vedere chi indovina.
2018/07/24 00:09 , Pedrotti Alberto
no riddle at all ;-)
i am curious were you have been standing.
2018/07/24 10:20 , Christoph Seger
Fantastic detail of this "prominent" shoreline - I can participate here without any mistakes ;-) !!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2018/07/24 19:14 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
I agree. As a riddle it was not that great ;-)
But the pano is out of the usual patterns....
2018/07/24 19:53 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Is this photographed with a drone or so?
2018/07/25 23:46 , Mentor Depret
Almost. Lake Como is very suitable for this type of pano.
Naturally, it takes the right weather.
2018/07/25 23:54 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Immediately recognized - still a great view from above and a really good use of the panoramic format. Cheers, Martin
2018/07/27 20:44 , Martin Kraus
very impressive deep view.
2018/07/28 16:15 , Friedemann Dittrich
Fantastic viewpoint - like flying!
2018/08/06 21:17 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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