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Location: Lires      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Spain      Date: 29 June 2014



Have given the North-West of both Spain and France a try, but was not yet successful. Cheers, Martin
2018/07/04 19:21 , Martin Kraus
I also cannot really find anything to hold on to. BR Jan.
2018/07/04 19:59 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
As the pano 23664, this is the mouth of a river. But this with Google Earth can be found, even if the landscape changes according to the tides and the strength of the streams.
Martin is well oriented.
2018/07/04 21:22 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Maybe a view from Portugal, Giuseppe?
2018/07/05 16:01 , Mentor Depret
Almost. North-West Spain.
2018/07/05 20:38 , Giuseppe Marzulli
It is a typical "Ria". A Ria is a coastal inlet formed by the partial submergence of an unglaciated river valley.


But what Ria?

If no one guesses, I'll give you the answer tomorrow by midnight.
2018/07/05 23:41 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Hopefully the tapas in the nearby Bar Praia Lires tasted good?
Kind regards, Matthias.
2018/07/06 12:33 , Matthias Stoffels
I have to admit, that we have not been at this beach. What a miss ....
2018/07/06 17:13 , Christoph Seger
@Matthias: Ok. But unfortunately the bar was closed ;-)
@Christoph: You know the "Rias" and I was sure you guessed.
2018/07/06 22:38 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Curiously, I checked this place on Google Earth and didn't recognise it.
2018/07/07 12:42 , Mentor Depret

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