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1 Serdar Yoly
2 Alem Cultural and
3 Entertainment Center
4 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
5 Constitution Monument
6 Yyldyz oteli (Oil hotel)
7 Bitaraplyk sayoly (street)
8 Wedding Palace


Location: Ashgabat (Monument of Neutrality)      by: Geir Anders Langangen
Area: Turkmenistan      Date: 16.03.18
Until now there are no pictures from this country on this website.
Perhaps not surprising, since it is under 20 000 tourists in Turkmenistan within a year.
I mean that Turkmenistan was a very exciting country with fascinating culture!
Here is a panoramic view from the viewpoint on the tower "Monument of Neutrality".


Impressive. Thanks for opening up a new country - looking forward to see more. Cheers, Martin
2018/03/20 19:42 , Martin Kraus
Great! Can you add some technical information? It's interesting how well and accurately everything is illuminated (the streets, the hills in the background etc.).
2018/03/20 19:49 , Jens Vischer
Cosy little town.

But a very impressive pano!
2018/03/20 20:08 , Arne Rönsch
Very interesting.
2018/03/20 20:31 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Stark... das steht auch auf meiner Liste :-)

2018/03/20 23:59 , Jörg Engelhardt
Futuristisch. Hätte ich in Turkmenistan nicht erwartet. Großartiges Bild.
2018/03/21 20:52 , Dieter Leimkötter
Nice to have you back. I hope this great image will never deleted.
2018/03/24 21:39 , Jörg Braukmann

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Geir Anders Langangen

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