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Location: Cerro Avanzado      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Argentina      Date: 23-12-2013
For a better grasp of the size of this animal (a newborn one, according to the opinion of the local people to which I showed the images) you are invited to look at
where I followed more carefully that golden rule of photography, which prescribes to introduce, in a context like this, an object of known size (here, indeed, a heavily loaded one) suggesting the right measure.
Note that here the name "Cerro Avanzado" for this remote and untrodden place is real, unlike in N.18839, where it was invented by me - of course, copying from here...


The sharpness is maybe a little bit to mutch. Furthermore I like the well stiched Panorama.
2017/12/16 20:40 , Silas S
Indeed, I also think so.
Here, the original pictures are jpeg: namely, at the start of my tour in Patagonia, I had planned not to consume memory for panoramas which I rated second-hand.
So, here the pictures received an in-camera sharpening - I did not find any way to turn this off in the Canon G1X.
Apparently, this sharpening interferes with the Irfanview sharpening of the scaled picture. Other times, this does not happen.
To be honest, the perfect sharpening of pictures at 500 pixels is a science which does not excite me. However, just for the sake of research I will try (maybe tomorrow) a solution other than Irfanview.
Thank you Silas for your comment.
2017/12/16 20:58 , Pedrotti Alberto
Strange place. Thanks for sparing us the detail for people with a strong stomach. Cheers, Martin
2017/12/17 21:34 , Martin Kraus

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