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1 Middle plate, 3.2 km
2 shell accumulation
3 Industry Port of Vlissingen, 13 -16 km
4 Entrance 6.6 km long Westerschelde tunnel, 6.9 km
5 Wind mills near Storm Surge Barrier on Eastern Scheldt, 30 km
6 Holy Willibrordus Church, origin 1672, 's- Heerenhoek, 13.7 km
7 Fortress Ellewoutsdijk built in 1835-1839, 5.5 km
8 Church Ellewoutsdijk, 5.6 km
9 Small harbor Ellewoutsdijk, 5.4 km
10 Maria Church, 14th century, village of Nisse, 13.1 km
11 3 wind mills near village of Colijnsplaat, 28 km
12 St-Lievensmonster tower (thick tower), village Zierikzee, 35.2 km
13 Church village of Oudelande, 8 km
14 Communication tower Goes (137 m), Goes, 19.5 km
15 Holy Maria Magdalena Church, center of Goes city, 18.8 km
16 Grote of Maria Magdalena Church, origin 1423, center of Goes city, 18.8 km
17 Bonifatius Church, village of Kwadendamme, 10.9 km
18 Water tower Goes, 18 km
19 Geertes Church, village of Kloetinge, 18.7 km
20 old Holland wind mill
21 Church village of Baarland, 8.6 km
22 Church village of Kapelle, origin 13th century, 18.6 km
23 Radar, 8.1 km
24 Bridge over Canal of Zuid-Beveland, 18.9 km
25 Industry Hansweert, 17 km
26 Entrance Canal of Zuid-Beveland, 18.9 km
27 Coordination center Hansweert, 17.1 km
28 Johannes Church, origin 13th century, village of Kruiningen, 18.7 km
29 St-Gummarus Church (faintly visible), village of Steenbergen North-Brabant, 43.5 km
30 Cargill Theodorus harbor Bergen-op-Zoom, 34.9 km
31 Industry Theodorus harbor Bergen-op-Zoom, 34.3 km
32 St-Gertrudis Church, origin 14th century, center of city of Bergen-op-Zoom, North Brabant, 36 km
33 Church village of Ossenisse, 11.6 km
34 Church village of Waarde, 18.5 km
35 New apartment building on Bergse Plaat, Bergen-op-Zoom, 34.1 km
36 Apartments Groeshof, Bergen-op-Zoom, 37.3 km
37 Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Lourdes Church, Bergen-op-Zoom, 35.6 km
38 Radar near Waarde, 18.1 km
39 Wind mills along Oesterdam and Schelde-Rijn Canal, 30-31 km
40 Brabantse Wal, 35 km
41 Small harbor of Griete, 3.7 km
42 Cannon Napoléon Battery, 3 km
43 Holy Martinus Church, village of Kloosterzande, 12.7 km
44 Church of Our Lady (faintly visible), village of Hoogerheide on Brabant Wal, 35.7 km


Location: Terneuzen, Waterfront (70 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2017 09 19 4:49 PM st
I made this cropped tele-pano (KB about 405 mm) not only to show the heavy traffic and a nice chain of many large ships on the big meander of the river Scheldt but also to document the many distant details at the other side of the river, among which: the city of Goes; several high churches, often from Medieval origin, that localize the small villages in the province of Zeeland and last but not least: the silhouette of the city of Bergen-op-Zoom (35-37 km) and even the tower of the big St-Gummarus Church of Steenbergen (origin 12th century, 43.5 km) in the province of North-Brabant.

Zeeland is a windy area and more and more wind mills become part of the landscape unfortunately. I count no less than 130 on this pano.

Also I would like to point out that most of the land behind the dikes is 0 m to 4 m below the high tide water level. However just east of Bergen-op-Zoom and continuing straight to the south into Belgium, there is a sudden increase of the landscape of about 20-25 m called: "the Brabantse Wal" or "Zoom". This steep edge is visible on the pano right of Bergen-op-Zoom.

Canon Eos M6, EF-M 18-150mm, 22 pics, 150 mm (240 mm KB + large crop making about 405 mm KB), iso 200, f 9, 1/1000, tripod, PTGuiPro, 30000x1041 125.9 MB TIFF, cropped to h=592, downsized 25335x500 2.5 MB JPEG.


Those renewables... 
Nice job made with an interesting camera.
I totally agree about the disturbing windmills, really ugly and producing not so cheap energy even on windy Dutch coasts.
May I ask you some impressions on 18-150 lens? I've 11-22 and 55-200 and they are really great lenses, but I'd prefer not to switch lens so many times. Unluckily I saw some test on 18-150 and they were not that good. Maybe your experience in using it can tell something, Thanks.
2017/12/12 17:24 , Marco Nipoti
Hi Marco. I bought this camera + 11-22 mm and 18-150 mm lenses because of its compactness, acceptable quality and the possibility to take it with you anywhere in a small bag. I didn't chose the 55-200 mm because tests showed this lens is less sharp in the corners than the 18-150 mm and the range doesn't overlap with the 11-22 mm making a 3rd lens necessary. I know these lenses are compromises but in general good enough for what I do. Because they are so compact, they are not light intensive and unusable without vignetting compensation. Years ago, when I was shooting analog, I had big, heavy lenses making a slave of myself.
2017/12/12 19:21 , Mentor Depret
Expressive long stripe in beautiful colors - it's not my favorite landscape, but it's very interesting to see fine details from your home region, Mentor !!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2017/12/14 11:28 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
thx Hans-Jörg, very much appreciated and this shows your sense for detail resulting in your high quality, very informative panos.
2017/12/14 20:46 , Mentor Depret
Interesting information about the sights and the countryside, Mentor.
Heavy traffic, but in between there are large spaces. Why?

But I would like to say something about the EOS M lenses:
- A test of the 18-150 lens, which is very positive is described here: https://www.digitalkamera.de/Zubeh%C3%B6r-Test/Testbericht_Canon_EF-M_18-150_mm_3_5-6_3_IS_STM/10403.aspx.
- The 11-22 was also tested there https://www.digitalkamera.de/Zubeh%C3%B6r-Test/Testbericht_Canon_EF-M_11-22_mm_4-5_6_IS_STM/10400.aspx. Overall also very positive. It was not so positively rated by Photozone: http://www.photozone.de/canon-eos/963-canon_m1122_456.
2017/12/17 17:49 , Heinz Höra

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