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Location: Ferrara      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 3 March 2013
The pano 22501 of Wolfgang Bremer made me remember this historical figure represented in the statue.
I thought Savonarola was unknown outside of Italy, but after the discussion I have the impression that it is better known abroad than in Italy ;-)
Ferrara is the city where Savonarola was born. He died instead burned as a heretic in Piazza della Signoria in Florence.


Ho fatto estese ricerche, ma non avendo trovato nulla vado a dormire.
2017/11/02 23:11 , Pedrotti Alberto
This is a statue of Savonarola in an indeed very beautiful city.
2017/11/03 07:07 , Martin Kraus
As easy as that?
I thought there was some red herring, when I saw it.
2017/11/03 11:24 , Arne Rönsch
Hi Arne. To me it seemed difficult. Do you know Savonarola?
2017/11/03 18:29 , Giuseppe Marzulli
I guess it sounds a bit too arrogant, Giuseppe, but the answer is: Of course.
2017/11/03 19:06 , Arne Rönsch
Dear Arne, I assure you I did not want to be arrogant, and if I gave this impression, I apologize.
It is often difficult to understand whether a character who is famous in a nation is known abroad. There are famous personalities in Italy, but they were practically unknown outside of Italy. And I did not know that Savonarola was known outside of Italy.
2017/11/03 19:16 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Heaven forbid, you got me wrong, Giuseppe: I just wanted to say that my "of course" could sound arrogant.

Although being German, I am not that impolite to call someone arrogant for asking a riddle. :-)

But I was wrong anyway: I was sure the pano was made in Firenze - I did not know his home town Ferrara was your point of taking it.
2017/11/03 20:47 , Arne Rönsch
To your first question: The pano is hard if you don't know Ferrara. Otherwise, it is impossible not to remember and recognize Castello d'Este. Have been there only once and many, many years ago and thus it was a very quick one this morning. The link to Savonarola then came from Google Maps, but he is not unheard of in Germany.
2017/11/03 21:00 , Martin Kraus
Tolles Licht mit toller Stimmung ! Herzliche Grüße Velten
2017/11/04 14:42 , Velten Feurich

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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