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1 Sloehaven-Borsele port and industry 12-14 km
2 Entrance 6.6 km long Westerschelde tunnel, 6.9 km
3 Wind mills near storm surge barrier Eastern Scheldt, 30 km
4 Church Ellewoutsdijk, 5.6 km
5 Very small port of Ellewoutsdijk, 5.4 km
6 Middle plate highest point just inundated, 3.1 km
7 Church Oudelande, 7.9 km
8 Communication tower Goes, 19.5 km
9 Holy Maria Magdalena Church, Goes, 18.8 km
10 Grote of Maria Magdalena kerk Goes, 18.8 km
11 Water tower Goes, 18.0 km
12 Geertes Church, Kloetinge, 18.7 km
13 Church Baarland, 8.6 km
14 Church Kapelle, 18.4 km
15 Middle plate, inundated, 3 km
16 Radar, 8.1 km
17 A58 bridge over canal Zuid-Beveland, 18.9 km
18 Rug van Baarland plate, indundated, about 12 km
19 Middle plate, indunated
20 Hansweert industry, 17 km
21 Coordination center Hansweert, 17.1 km
22 Kruiningen church, 18.3 km
23 Pano 21944, 12.3 km
24 Emma Maersk, 10 km
25 Industry Bergen op Zoom, 34-35 km
26 STI Westminster
27 Saint Gertrudis church Bergen op Zoom, 35.6 km
28 Church Ossenisse, 11.5 km
29 Apartments Bergen op Zoom, 36 km
30 pano 21881
31 Radar at Waarde, 18.1 km
32 Tripoli, 2.7 km
33 Holy Martinus Church Kloosterzande, 12.7 km


Location: Terneuzen, Waterfront (70 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2017 09 19
No windows can be opened at the front side of Waterfront, so I shot the pano from the balcony which unfortunately has a constrained angle of view of about a 110 degrees as the platform is recessed in-between the two buildings. It is a 240 mm KB tele view with some crop as 70 % of the height was retained. It is fully high tide meaning all sand plates are inundated. However, they remain more or less visible with a brownish or darker color of the water surface. The shallow water causes an increase of wave height resulting in a less uniform reflection and a darker appearance above the plates.
We look over the big meander of the river Scheldt around Ossenisse.
The land on the horizon is Walcheren peninsula. On a clear day like this we often see a train of 10 or more big ships coming from or going to Antwerp port. I also discovered the city of Bergen op Zoom can be seen which is 35-36 km away (between 61-66 degrees). This is particularly difficult because in between we have the Eastern Scheldt often with a haze. The N-NE never annoys because it is an ever changing view and it is a bit peculiar to see the big ships sailing above land level at high tide. Hey, here comes the Emma Maersk...

Canon Eos M6 with 18-150mm EF-M, 20 pics, 150 mm (240 mm KB, with crop about 340 mm KB), iso 200, f 9.1, 1/1000 s. Stitched with Hugin, downsized 13149x500, 2.4 MB.

Call to all the photographers:

I think the site should increase pixel height. This collection of panos has grown to a wealth of geographic views which means a lot of time and energy has put into it by the contributers. It is really a pity an enormous amount of details (= information) gets lost by this gigantic downsizing to 500 px which today is totally archaic. Also height is as important as width for many subjects. The sharpening trick further destroys information and only gives the impression it looks somewhat better.
Do the test yourself and reduce a fine detailed pano from 3700 to 500 and 1200 pixel heights. With 1200, you still have a sharp, detailed picture with brilliant colors and no destructive sharpening needed. However, reduced to 500 nearly everything becomes blurred and a lot of fine details and colors simply are gone. Therefore, we should ask collectively to really improve the quality by at least doubling the pixel height and volume. Who joins me?


I like it. May be, for my taste, it's a bit too dark, but aside from this it's okay for me. KR Arno
2017/09/22 16:35 , Arno Bruckardt
thx Arno, made it a little bit brighter.
2017/09/22 18:33 , Mentor Depret
I totally agree with you about all the suggestions for improving aspect ratio 
Ciao, Alvise
2017/09/26 09:05 , Alvise Bonaldo
OHO, with EOS M6 and EF-M 18-150 STM @ 150mm! And the panoramic picture with a convincing result, even at 500 pixel height.

But your call is unrealistic, Mentor. I think we can be happy if Thomas Schabacher continues to operate the site as it is.
2017/09/26 14:02 , Heinz Höra
thx Heinz, I am happy with the Eos M6, compact and light weight, easy to take with you anywhere. In fact the M6 body has the same shape as the Canon G1Xmark2, but it is much lighter. Also they improved significantly the menu and the position of specific knobs, so much easier and faster to use. AF also is better and faster.
I agree, especially the 500 px tele panos look better but that is because of the higher optical focal length and the 24 million pixel sensor. However wouldn't it be fantastic to admire panos with improved pixel height? Especially when photographing tiny objects like stars or city lights, the huge difference speaks for itself. Do you know Thomas Schabacher?
2017/09/26 21:34 , Mentor Depret

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