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Location: High Tatras, Lomnica Peak (Lomnický štít in Slovak - 2634 m) (2634 m)      by: Tibor Bohos
Area: Slovakia      Date: 2017. August 30.


If you would write a bit more about the picture like technical details, the story around the tour or something about the motive it would earn much more attention and credits.

Those mountains are very nice and interesting, you had a great view with beautiful weather conditions.
2017/09/17 10:11 , Jens Vischer
I'm close to give 4 Stars, but missing the description and the saturation is a bit to much in my opinion.
Would be a dream to be there, but the hike it's only allowed with mountain guide, or by cable car for about the same € as for the Aiguille du Midi wich is more than 1000m higher...
2017/09/17 13:15 , Steffen Minack
Great place, of course, and obviously an almost perfect day to visit it.
The colours look almost infrared, do they not?
2017/09/20 10:42 , Arne Rönsch
@ Jens Vischer

What kind of technical details do you need?

@ Steffen Minack

Everyone has different taste related to saturation. You can never fit everyone's taste. I think everyone should accept the creator's perspective.

What kind of description is missing? I think that a photography site is about photographs not about descriptions. I do not want to write a novel to a photo.

@ Arne Rönsch

Almost perfect day to visit it? What is your opinion which day is the perfect day to visit it?
2017/09/20 19:50 , Tibor Bohos
Dear Tibor, you are right of course, it's impossible to fit the taste of everybody.
Well, I don't need any description or labeling on your pano, been climbing there in my youth twice yearly, but lot's of photographers here been never that "far east" in the center of europe. So there is a huge interest about. Description and labels are not a must, but nice to have.
2017/09/20 20:26 , Steffen Minack
It is like Steffen said nice to have, but not a must. Technical details could consist of gear used for the pictures, number of shots, used stitching software, camera settings and so on.
2017/09/20 21:55 , Jens Vischer

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