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1 old holland windmill, 2 km
2 Creek de Vogel
3 New natural reserve
4 Camping ground de Vogel, 1 km
5 Village of Hengstdijk behind the trees, 1 km
6 Holy Martinus church Kloosterzande, 3 km


Location: Hengstdijk (4 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2017 08 27
On my way to Hulst, I shot this pano near Hengstdijk, a very small village near a creek: de Vogel which today is natural reserve and partly used for recreation. So adjacent to the village, there is quite a large camping which can be seen on the pano at the west side of the creek.

The pano shows typical polder landscape in Zeeland comprising of fertile farmland and ancient creeks often surrounded by relatively low, old dikes on which the roads are built. I am on such an old dike. The level of the farmland is often 1 to 3 m below the level of high tide. In recent years many of the wettest and lowest terrains were given back to nature and are now classified as natural reserve. The Vogel creek of course is no longer connected to the Scheldt estuary but in early medieval times it was an inland gateway for small boats.
I can say it is very quite here and a dream for biking or enjoying the sounds of nature.

CanonG1Xmark2, 13 pics, 26.76 mm (50.8 mm KB), iso 160, f7.1, 1/800 s, stitched with Hugin, downsized 10718x500, 2.5 MB


Very nice! Natural colors.
2017/09/15 11:24 , Friedemann Dittrich
I like the first part better than the second one.
2017/09/15 18:42 , Heinz Höra
a pieceful landscape, but for me too flat. Best regards Alexander
2017/09/18 08:46 , Alexander Von Mackensen
@Alexander, I know you are addicted to the Alps - me too - but in flat Holland I am already happy to be on a dike. That is why I moved to Waterfront, to see a bit more :-)
2017/09/18 12:40 , Mentor Depret

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