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1 Colle Guasco
2 DUomo di San Ciriaco
3 Museo Archeologico Nazionale
4 Palazzo degli Anziani
5 San Francesco alle Scale
6 Santa Maria della Piazza
7 San Domenico


Location: Ancona (8 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 18-07-2016
Ancona, seen from a ship.


Really only 8m?
2017/09/15 18:45 , Heinz Höra
So this was, still smiling (as the ship), four days before the dog?
2017/09/16 20:27 , Martin Kraus
Indeed, only four days separate Ancona and the dog!
2017/09/19 16:20 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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