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1 Walsoorden harbor
2 Church Kapelle village 12.8 km
3 New open dike around Perkpolder new natural reserve 1.2 km
4 Hansweert 7.8 km
5 Entrance canal Zuid Beveland 6.7 km
6 Coordination center Hansweert 6.6 km
7 Former car ferry port Kruiningen 5.8 km
8 Kruiningen church 7.5 km
9 Church village Waarde 5.1 km
10 Radar 4.6 km
11 Wind mills along Oesterdam dike Oosterschelde 17 km
12 Walsoorden plate 2 km
13 Container carrier in meander of Bath 12.7 km
14 BASF Antwerp and beginning Antwerp port 15.5 km
15 Big meander of Walsoorden
16 Dredging ship
17 Verdronken land of Saeftinghe natural reserve 8-9 km
18 Doel nuclear plant 16.7 km
19 Evergreen Ever Lissome
20 Deurgangdok container cranes, left bank 18.6 km
21 my bike


Location: Walsoorden (6 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2017 08 06
Although Walsoorden is a very small village where you can do nothing except cycling and walking, it has a small harbor which is very loved by ship spotters as the ships from and to Antwerp pass extremely close.
When the Maersk Madrid, the largest container carrier as of today, sailed to Antwerp, a month or two ago, over a hundred ship photographers were present here.
This pano starts at the small harbor of Walsoorden. Just north of it was the former ferry port of Perkpolder which had a regular car ferry service to Kruiningen. This ferry was abolished in 2003 when the 6.6 km long Westerschelde tunnel near Terneuzen was put into service. Today, there are plans to transform the Perkpolder harbor into a marina.
Turning over to the middle and right, we look over the big Walsoorden meander straight to the beginning of Antwerp harbor. But before entering the locks and docks, the ships have to take another curve called the meander of Bath.
It was high tide about an hour ago. Tide difference is 4.5 to 5.5 m. Currents can be as high as 9 km/h.

Canon G1Xmark2, 18 pics, 59.22mm (112.5 mm KB), iso 160, f 6.3, 1/1000s, stitched with Hugin.
Now Hugin once again made a mess of it so I replaced all match points chosen by the stitcher. Also I was a bit shocked that Hugin changed the color of the photographs into a far too pronounced blue. I corrected this as good as I could. Does anyone has experienced something similar?


An interesting documentation, really a big ship!
To the problem that Hugin changes colors, I can not say anything, I used PanoramaStudio. In my opinion the colors now ok.
Something unfortunate ist the cutoff head at 139°.
2017/08/10 10:48 , Friedemann Dittrich
Not an all-in ****-quality, but to encourage...I haven't worked with Hugin in 5 years, but I remember the colouring being sort of a lottery if whitebalance or exit-values were un-even. Perhaps a change of anchor-image can determine the colour?

Anyway, I cannot understand how you get to quality here. Have you sharpened severel times? Or made a heavy crop? Could be interesting to know.
2017/08/10 20:58 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
@Jan, I feel honored with 4 stars from you as I know the steady quality of your work. But I am sure you have better equipment than I do and have a lot more experience. Having said that, I was a bit surprised with the quality I obtained with this pano with only 1 very moderate sharpening. I shot at this location 3 panos with 3 different focal lengths and obviously, this one stood out while the other 2 clearly didn't reach the same sharpness and fine details after downsizing to 500 px height. If you look to my pano Zeedorp Ossenisse (pano 21881) I had a similar sharpness with no sharpening at all.
So how did I make this one:
1.original pics: 16x9>4362x2448 px
2.hugin pano: 30000x1203 px, 89.8Mb tiff which retained 89% of the original height of view of the pics after some cutting was done in the stitcher, so not much crop. However, I got a very blue but very sharp result. In preview (Apple), I corrected the temperature, increased sepia a little, increased brightness and contrast a little too. Then I downsized in preview to 12465x500 12.8Mb tiff and did some sharpening (not much). From this I saved a jpeg file 2.5MB which is this pano.

Comparison with pano 21881:
1.original pics: 16x9>4362x2448 px
2.Hugin pano 7071x500 jpeg 852KB but here I retained 64% of the original height of the view so much more crop. No sharpening and no corrections.

Now I wonder why this Walsoorden Hugin tiff pano was only 1203 px height while I normally have a tiff file with 1900 to 2200 px height from which I have to crop and downsize significantly? Anyway the end result seems quite good. It is trial and error and I have seen that end results can differ significantly.
2017/08/11 00:41 , Mentor Depret

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