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1 Coordination center Hansweert 17 km
2 Church Kruiningen (NL) 18 km
3 pano 21944 12.3 km
4 Scheldt estuary, average tide
5 container ship
6 Church Ossenisse (NL) 11.6 km
7 pano 21881
8 Radar tower near Waarde 18.8 km
9 Church Kloosterzande (NL) 13.6 km
10 Church Hoogerheide (NL) 35.7 km
11 Scheldt dike along the Bend of Bath 27.0 km
12 Polder landscape 1m to 4 m below high tide
13 Radar tower near Saeftinghe natural reserve 25.7 km
14 20 to 30 m increase of the terrain marking the beginning of heather landscape in NL and going into B known as Kalmthoutse heide 35 km
15 BASF Antwerp Harbor (B) 29.5 km
16 Noorderkaai container terminal 30 km
17 Doel nuclear plant (B) 27 km
18 Bazalt Promenade Othene 2.5 km
19 Container cranes Deurgangdok, left bank Antwerp harbor and destination biggest container ships (B) 30 km
20 Othene suburb Terneuzen 2 km
21 Antwerp Petroleum harbor 33 km
22 Chicago apartment left bank Antwerp (B) 39 km
23 Cathedral Antwerp city (B) 41.8 km
24 Boerentower KBC bank Antwerp (B) 42 km
25 Basilica Holy Willibrordus, Hulst (NL) 16.8 km
26 Othene suburb Terneuzen 3.2 km
27 Titan portal crane shipyard Hoboken (B) 39.2 km
28 Church Zaamslag village (NL) 6.5 km
29 Holy Egidius church Sint-Gilles Waas (B) 24.1 km
30 Water tower Nieuwkerken-Waas (B) 33 km
31 Apartments Sint-Niklaas city (B) 30 km
32 City of Sint-Niklaas (B) 30 km
33 Water tower Stekene (B) 20.7 km
34 Otheense creek (NL) 4 km
35 Axel (NL) 9.2 km
36 Axel water tower 9 km
37 St Laurentius church Lokeren (B) 28 km
38 Ski dome Terneuzen 5 km
39 Sluiskill industry (NL) 6.5 km
40 Water tower Wachtebeke (B) 19 km


Location: Terneuzen (70 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2016 07 14
I shot this pano a year ago from the kitchen window, which can be opened lukily. We look here from northeast to south. The Netherlands is in front but on the horizon one distinguishes mainly Belgian objects: Antwerp harbor, Doel nuclear plant, the highest buidings of Antwerp city, 42 km away, Sint-Niklaas city, the church of Lokeren city to name a few. Of cours the Holy Willibrordus basilica in Hulst (13th century), considered the most beautiful church in the Netherlands, is clearly visible.
Most of the land on the pano is so-called ‘polder’ landscape i.e. terrain won on the river and the sea from the early Middle Ages until recently. This means that the level is often a few meters (up to 4 m) below high tide and that it is protected by very high dikes, a constant here.

Canon G1Xmark2, 27 pics, iso 100, 62.5 mm (119 mm KB), F3.9, 1/1250s, stitched with Hugin.


What a view from a kitchen window! interesting mix out of sea, coast, industry, villages, nature in between and even some skiing area at the end.

It's a bit a pity that there are some stitching problems at the beginning (the dark blue lines in the water) - because there are no further problems in the whole panorama, and because they are easily stamp-able.

LG Björn
2017/08/02 10:51 , Müller Björn
thanks for the comments

@Christoph, indeed I chose this place as a substitute for the loss of my garden. I can say there is always something to see here day and night on the river, on the land, in the sky, even bats and peregrine falcons flying extremely close past the windows.

@Björn, these dark stripes on the water are the shadows of moving clouds. I could correct them a little bit but with the primitive tools I have, I avoided to do so with the risk to make it even more ugly.
2017/08/03 14:37 , Mentor Depret
Much better now than your first attempt. My view out of the kitchen window is not worth to show here ;-)
At 7 degree you should stamp the water - there is a very hard cut.
LG Jörg
2017/08/05 20:05 , Jörg Nitz
I think something is wrong with the orientation. It can only start at 0 if you look straight north. Surely Antwerp can't be to the ONO? BR Jan.
2017/08/06 15:57 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
@ Jan, you are very right as I didn't fill in the number so the left side stood at zero while it had to start at about 43. Now it should be okay. But I will have to adapt all my panos. Thx for your remark!
2017/08/07 02:56 , Mentor Depret
Stitching problems in the shadow-area should be improved. It´s not so difficult.
2017/08/11 14:48 , Jörg Braukmann

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