Scheldt estuary near Zeedorp Ossenisse tele   21875
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1 Waterfront building Terneuzen 10.1km
2 Terneuzen center
3 Ugly MOL container ship
4 Even more ugly car ship
5 Dow Chemical 12.9 km
6 Another container ship +- 15 km
7 Church village of Hoofdplaat 20 km
8 Port Scaldis apartments Breskens
9 Breskens harbor 29 km
10 pano 22077
11 Mouth of Scheldt
12 Church Baarland 6.5 km
13 Walcheren peninsula, dike at 5 km


Location: Zeedorp-Ossenisse (7 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2017 04 23
Finally, I have time again to stitch some new panoramas since I moved to the Netherlands. I am glad that the Hugin stitcher 2017 works far better and easier than earlier releases. Here a tele view a bit more upstream along the river Scheldt near Ossenisse. Ugly container and car ships going to Antwerp are daily traffic. It is low tide and we look in NW direction. Tide difference here is 4.5 to 5.5 m. The farthest objects are from the village of Breskens at the mouth of the river Scheldt, where I shot some panos in 2015. Breskens is 29 km away and can be distinghuised on the horizon above some mirage effects. As the sun was in front and already quite low, there was intense backlight and reflections making the middle looks like a snowfield.
Canon G1X mark2, 9 pics, 62.5mm (119 mm KB), iso 100, F6.3, 1/2000s


A fascinating play of reflections - great stuff.
Cheers, Martin
PS: Pls fix the small black strip at 74°
2017/07/11 20:42 , Martin Kraus
thx Martin, yes I saw that small black strip. It is also on my larger tiff version and inbetween 2 pics. The stitcher's auto cut clearly failed to eliminate this. I have to wait to next week to upload the corrected version.
2017/07/11 21:29 , Mentor Depret

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