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1 Tokarnia - 877 m
2 Hlocza - 774 m
3 Jaworze - 886 m
4 Ostry Wierch - 930 m
5 Lackowa - 997 m
6 Chlopski Wierch - 660 m


Location: Czyrna (500 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 1.06.2017
This is panoramic view of highest part of Low Beskid, range through border Slovakia - Poland. There we can see the highest hill in Polish part - Lackova. Behind is the highest in whole range - Busov in Slovakia, but there hidded behind Lackova. Before II World War this area was inhabited by Lemkowie - orthodox people, with language similiar to Ukrainian. After II World war they were resettled because of suporting partisans who fought with Polish authority.


Konrad Sus


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