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1 Gran Ciamarella, 3676m
2 Gran Paradiso, 4061m
3 ex Centrale elettronucleare di Trino
4 La Grivola, 3969m
5 Centrale Termoelettrica di Leri Cavour
6 Bec Renon, 2266m
7 Grand Combin de Grafeneire, 4314m; 120,9Km
8 Becca Vlou, 3032m
9 Monte Nery, 3075m
11 Rimpfischhorn, 4199m
12 Stellihorn, 3436m
13 Weissmies, 4023m; 112,4Km
14 Castello di Gavala, 1827m
15 Monte Leone, 3553m
16 Monte Ronda, 2416m
17 Fornace storica di Morano
18 Morano sul Po
19 Cima Scarvini, 2116m
20 Monte Massone, 2161m
21 Cima della Laurasca, 2195m
22 Monte Zeda, 2156m
23 Monte Limidario, 2188m


Location: Coniolo      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 20 May 2017
Monferrato offers extraordinary views of the Po Valley and the Alps. However, great visibility is needed. In this case the visibility was good but not great.


Questa è stretta parente: static.panoramio.com/photos/large/28436546.jpg
2017/05/24 00:12 , Pedrotti Alberto
No idea...somewhere south of the alps in Italy...very nice pano anyway.
2017/05/24 17:53 , Steffen Minack
Yes, this was quite easy. We are somewhere south of the Alps. Alberto had already understood where.
2017/05/24 20:23 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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