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1 Monte Colmenacco, 1281m
2 Lezzeno
3 Monte Comana, 1215m
4 Sasso Gordona, 1410m
5 Punta di Lavedo
6 Villa Balbianello
7 Dosso di Lavedo, 332m
8 Pizzo della Croce, 1489m
9 Monte Generoso, 1701m
10 Pigra (pano 18622)
11 Lenno
12 Madonna del Soccorso
13 Tremezzo
14 Grand Hotel Tremezzo
15 Cima della Duaria, 1447m
16 Villa Carlotta
17 Grand Hotel Cadenabbia
18 Monte di Tremezzo, 1700m
19 Hotel Britannia Excelsior
20 Monte Crocione, 1641m
21 Griante
22 Sasso di San Martino, 862m
23 Chiesa San Martino
24 Monte Pidaggia, 1528m
25 Monte Grona, 1741
26 Menaggio
27 Nobiallo
28 Costone del Bregagno, 1905m
29 Villa La Gaeta
30 Acquaseria
31 Rezzonico
32 Pizzo Ledu' 2503m
33 Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni
34 Chiesa San Giacomo


Location: Bellagio      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 24 July 2016
Bellagio is a resort town at the heart of Lake Como.


Well chosen spot to show the place without too many people. Getting here in solitude is probably impossible. Cheers, Martin
2017/02/17 19:29 , Martin Kraus
Hello Martin. As usual, if you are willing to get up at dawn in summer, you may be able to photograph without people. But in this case there was no need.
Rather Bellagio is about an hour's drive from home and I could probably choose a day with better visibility. Will be for another time.
2017/02/17 22:01 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Did you meet Stefano Caldera?! :-) Beautiful place!
2017/03/05 18:44 , Sebastian Becher

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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