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Location: Merak (4275 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: India      Date: 17-08-2015
At the end of the tiny settlement of Merak, you find this police checkpoint where everybody, even if endowed with a one-week Inner Line Permit, must stop. The track goes on to Chushul and to the Chinese border, but the region is so sensitive that every potential Betrachter is banned.
To be honest, in the tent there was no sign of life. The police either was absent, or was just asleep. Also in the South Pullu checkpoint, where travellers heading down from the Khardung La to Leh should leave the last copy of their permit, we were not even considered, simply because it was dinner time.
However, these are not the right places to make audacious experiments and to proceed even one metre beyond the line...
Do not expect to read the inscription at 500 pixel, it reads at follows:

- No visitor is allowed beyond this point
- Vioators [sic] will be prosecuted
S.S.P Leh.

Few minutes before this image, we saw a pick-up coming from Chushul and full with young monks of the local monastery coming to Merak to play football...
Now that Picasa closed and Panoramio is closing (perhaps Google did not make enough money out of them?), to see this cheerful bunch of novices I can only head the curious and/or interested people (if any) to this cumbersome link:


Pedrotti Alberto

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