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1 Turbacz - 1310 m
2 Luban - 1225m
3 Kramnica - 688 m
4 Nowa Gora - 902 m
5 T
6 A
7 T
8 R
9 Y


Location: Nowa Biala (670 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 11.05.2016
The reserve covers a short gorge of river Bialka between rocks Kramnicą (688 m above sea-level, the relative height of 65 m) on the right bank and Oblazowa (670 m above sea-level, the relative height of 47 m) on the left. Apart from these two larger rocks there are still two smaller ones. On the southern slope of Oblazowa Rock is a cave Oblazowa, where discovered traces of prehistoric people. The oldest of them belong to paleolith culture before 40 thousand years. The unique character is preserved in very good condition item from mammoth tusk, considered the oldest boomerang in the world.


Pretty nice. KR Arno
2016/05/11 21:57 , Arno Bruckardt
Nice spring composition! Greetings Seb
2016/05/19 18:57 , Sebastian Becher

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Konrad Sus


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