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1 Havran - 2152 m
2 Novy vrch - 2009 m
3 Muran - 1890 m
4 Kolovy stit - 2418 m
5 Vidly - 2522 m
6 Baranie rohy - 2526 m
7 L`adovy stit - 2627 m


Location: Wierch Poroniec (1101 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 8.06.2009
Old photos, taken from good view point just by the road to border cross with Slovakia in Lysa Polana. Photos taken from Poland, but all summits are in Slovakia. From left Tatry Bielskie (White Tatras) and then Tatry Wysokie (High Tatras) with dominated here Lodowy Szczyt - 4th highest in Tatras and Carpathians. Some compare it with Everest - because of shape.


Schön lebhaft.
2016/04/19 21:35 , Leonhard Huber
Überragend, wie die Nordwände der Spitzen bis zur Eistaler über dem Javorová dolina stehen. Aber auch der Rabe Havran wirkt majestätisch.

PS: Dear Konrad, the Jahnaci stit, which should be between Muran and Kolový stit is missing in your panorama. Also the Kon, who is the Muran upstream, is not to see. Obviously missing a picture there?
2016/04/19 22:44 , Heinz Höra
Jahnaci isnt`t visible - covered by clouds
2016/04/20 15:07 , Konrad Sus
Jahnaci stit is just as far away as Kolový stit. As a result he can not be concealed by clouds.
Konrad, please look at this Deuschle-panorama, then you will see that in Your Panorama is missing at least one picture in the Middle.
2016/04/20 19:12 , Heinz Höra
Hi Konrad, there is still one other explanation, that the Jahnaci stit is not visible.
You did the pictures not on the Wierch Poroniec, but of the 2 km north of "Punkt Widokowy na Wyzni Kiczora". Then the Muran hides the Jahnaci stit.
2016/04/20 23:41 , Heinz Höra
You`ll right, I dont remember exactly, where from panorama was taken, but for sure its not Wierch Poroniec, because its covered by woods, its nearby this place.
2016/04/21 11:09 , Konrad Sus
It´s always lucky to see a rainbow, especially with these wonderful mountains.
2016/04/23 10:27 , Friedemann Dittrich

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Konrad Sus


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