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1 Skalka - 1163 m
2 Przehyba - 1173 m
3 Dzwonkowka - 927 m
4 Magura Spiska
5 Blyszcz - 945 m
6 Trzy Korony - 983 m
7 Tatry
8 Luban - 1225m
9 Pasterski Wierch - 1100 m
10 Turbacz - 1310 m
11 Kudlon - 1274 m
12 Gorc - 1234 m
13 Mogielica - 1171 m
14 Modyn - 1029 m
15 Ostra - 925 m


Location: Koziarz (942 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 4.04.2016
Last year was finished project "Enclave of active recreation in heart of Gorce". (Gorce is a mountain range) From this project built 4 lookout towers - three in Gorce and one in Beskid Sadecki range. This panorama was made from one of them, at summit in Beskid Sadecki - Koziarz. As it seen - its very good location - wide panorama with parts of Beskidy: Gorce, Wyspowy, Sadecki and Niski. At south we can see Pieniny, and at horizon - Tatry. This is my second time at tower, first on autumn - colors were great, but visibility not too good, this time visibility was better, that we can see Tatry.


Its really sad that you always have noc descriptions on your really impressive Panos Konrad. Fpr me the description is default..

Best regards Seb
2016/04/05 18:42 , Sebastian Becher
The reason of no description is always the same - my poor English. I`ve done some, but its very hard to me. I can do it in Polish, but I think its useless.
2016/04/05 20:12 , Konrad Sus
If you do it in Polish we maybe can use a translator program to get an idea of what you want to tell. I guess we will answer back in English or German. We do this a lot with our Italian colleagues. So why not with you?

Herzlichst / Serdecznie

2016/04/05 21:19 , Christoph Seger
Ale jeden opis po polsku nigdy nie jest daremny! Dlaczego nie poprobowac?
Jedyny problem jest tylko: specialnie charaktery je,zyku polskiego, które tutaj nie umiemy wykorzystac´...
To pozdrawia Wolfgang
2016/04/05 22:37 , Wolfgang Bremer

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Konrad Sus


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