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1 Mont Bouquet 629m; 77,4Km
2 Roc de la Vigne, 709m
3 Mont Ventoux 1909 m; 151,3Km
4 Hortus, 512m
5 Pic Sanit-Loup, 658m; 26,5Km
6 Mourre Negre, 1125m; 159,4Km
8 Saint-Jean-de-Fos
9 Mont Saint Bauzille
10 Gignac
11 Mont Saint-Clair, 172m; 41,1Km
12 Mer Méditerranée
13  Montpeyroux
14 Étang de Thau
15 Cap d'Agde
16 Pic Neulós (F-E), 1256m; 146,8Km
17 Clermont-l'Hérault
18 Roc de France (F-E), 1450m; 159,1Km
19 Pic du Canigou, 2784m; 159,6Km
20 Pic de Vissou, 482m
21 Lac du Salagou
22 Pyrénées
23 Mont Caroux, 1091m; 42,9Km
24 Montagne de Marcou, 1093m
25 Le Merdelou, 1110m; 46,9Km
26 Plateau de l' Esandorgue, 851m
27  Rochers de la Pascalerie, 851m


Location: Mont Saint-Baudille (848 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: France      Date: 26 March 2016

14 photos; 70 mm (full format); f8; 1/800 sec.; 125 ISO.


Bello il Saint Loup!
2016/04/01 22:03 , Pedrotti Alberto
I think with this everything is said ;-))
2016/04/01 23:40 , Christoph Seger
Is it?
2016/04/01 23:41 , Arne Rönsch
Everything said? Not the standpoint, which however should be the Saint-Baudille, since we seem to be truly at the edge of the Séranne massif.
2016/04/01 23:54 , Pedrotti Alberto
This magnificent document - congrat Giuseppe - invites to shoot the longest possible distance visible in Europe between the Mont Canigou and Barre des Ecrins.
2016/04/02 00:02 , Mentor Depret
It is always the question - what is more important … the Standort or the view. The view was made clear by you. Regarding the Saint Baudille I agree, I just came to the same result.
Herzlichst Christoph
2016/04/02 01:37 , Christoph Seger
@ Mentor Depret - bjr, I don't know the most possible distance in europe, but this is 25km more:
2016/04/02 08:23 , Steffen Minack
What a view!
2016/04/02 10:20 , Jens Vischer
@Steffen, indeed but then you have to climb the difficult Meije with big tele lenses on an extremely bright day, while the Pic du Canigou is quite easy to do.
2016/04/02 19:36 , Mentor Depret
What a fantastic view! Alps, the Mediterranean Sea and finally the snowy Pyrenees in one image. The nearer and lower areas are also well and clearly presented. In my opinion one of your most interesting panoramas.
2016/04/02 21:26 , Jörg Braukmann
In my opinion one of the best ever published on this site.
2016/04/02 22:22 , Matthias Knapp
foto grande!
2016/04/03 12:16 , Jochen Tour
2016/04/03 13:42 , Werner Schelberger
Spectacular viewpoint, great!
2016/04/04 08:35 , Friedemann Dittrich
Quando io, tornando da Santiago, approdai alle 21.15 al piazzale in cima al Ventoux, ricevendo l'applauso delle ultime ombre che stazionavano sul luogo, avevo ancora la pia illusione che al levare del sole sarei riuscito a individuare il Canigou... Con chiarezza vidi solo la Montagne de Lure; credo che le tue siano condizioni del tutto eccezionali.
2016/04/14 19:51 , Pedrotti Alberto
Thank you very much for your comments.
@Alberto: per fare queste panoramiche devi per forza avere un' ottima visibilitŕ. Non so se era proprio eccezionale. Per me sarebbe stato eccezionale (la visibilitŕ) se fossi riuscito in una stessa panoramica a fotografare i Pirenei e le Alpi contemporaneamente. Lo so, chiedo troppo. Tieni presente che, nella stessa giornata, sono stato sul Mont Aigoual che č distante in linea d'aria solo 42 Km e lě sono riuscito a vedere le Alpi (meno nitidamente), ma non i Pirenei.
2016/04/14 23:08 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Havent't seen it before. Really stunning view! Regards Peter
2021/09/24 14:00 , Peter Brandt

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