The Alice detector at the LHC   32050
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Location: St Genis Pouilly      by: Matthias Weber
Area: France      Date: 29.6.2013
The ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) detector is one of the four detectors at the Large Hadron Collider, which can be visited on open days of the laboratory (or during dedicated tours during shutdowns of the collider). As the name says the detector design is optimized for heavy ion collisions, but studies proton-proton or proton lead collisions as well. Here the detector is opened to allow a view of the inner detector as well

6 photos stitched with Hugin, camera EOS600D


This sort of pano usually has little success, but I like much them, because they are very interesting.
2016/01/29 22:57 , Giuseppe Marzulli
I agree, it is not the typical motive for a Panorama, and the format is also close to square after putting everything together, but that is the only chance to get a full view of the detector, and it is by far smaller than the biggest of the four experiments.
2016/01/29 23:37 , Matthias Weber
Mal ein ganz anderes Pano-Motiv. Die 500Px sind da etwas undankbar, mich überzeugt das Ergebnis aber. VG Martin
2016/01/31 17:46 , Martin Kraus

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Matthias Weber

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